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Prodajem diskove

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#1 out of cuprija

out of cuprija

    Anonimus of Metal

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Posted 18 juli 2018 - 22:42

imam te diskove koji mi ne trebaju pa ko oće nek pita pošto je pa da vidim jer ne znam sad ništa...


Crack Up ‎– Buttoxin' Bloom

Crack Up ‎– From The Ground

Heaven Shall Burn ‎– Antigone

Century ‎– Century (EP, self released, 2005)

Soilent Green ‎– Sewn Mouth Secrets

Godkiller ‎– The End Of The World

Kiuas ‎– Winter In June

Mandragora Scream ‎– Fairy Tales From Hell's Caves

Mandragora Scream ‎– A Whisper Of Dew

Legion Within ‎– Ayumi

Letzte Instanz ‎– Live

Second Skin ‎– Choir Invisible

Second Skin - Flesh Wound E.P.

Source Of Tide ‎– Ruins Of Beauty

Source Of Tide ‎– Blueprints

Diablo ‎– Renaissance

Mourning Beloveth ‎– The Sullen Sulcus

Flattbush ‎– Smash The Octopus

Life In Your Way ‎– Ignite And Rebuild

Caligula - We Burn Bridges

Charon ‎– The Dying Daylights

Last Perfection - Drawing Conclusions

Poison The Well ‎– You Come Before You

Boysetsfire ‎– After The Eulogy

Verdena ‎– Il Suicidio Del Samurai

Pale Forest ‎– Exit Mould (slipcase)

Daughters ‎– Canada Songs (slipcase)

Mnemic ‎– Mechanical Spin Phenomena (slipcase)

VAST ‎– Nude (slipcase)

The Provenance ‎– Red Flags (slipcase)

Interpol – Antics (slipcase)

Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights

Feuerschwanz - Met und Miezen

All Ends ‎– Wasting Life

Richtaste ‎– Richtaste

Envy – Sweet Painful Reality

Grayscale – When The Ghosts Are Gone

The Marble Index – The Marble Index

The State Of Samuel – Mutiny On Mercury

Solea – Solea

Kraken Oxen – Titan Deceit

For The Mathematics – The New Science

All State Champion – Is It Nothing To You

Hellogoodbye – Hellogoodbye

Pale Horse And Rider – Moody Pike

Judah Johnson – Kisses And Interrogation

Muse – Absolution

Music 77 – Seek Ya First The Kingdom Of

Block Party – Silent Alarm (CD+DVD)

Jim Stark – Ten Songs And Hey Hey

Jim Stark – No Time Wasted

Tiger Lou – Is My Head Still On?

Eagles Of Death Metal – Death By Sexy...

Don’t Mess With Texas – Don’t Mess With Texas

Plain Fade – Lies, Sanctions and Cruise Missiles

Xandria – Kill The Sun

Old – Down With The Nails

My Shameful – ... Of Dust

Chastisement – Allevation Of Pain

Diablo – Eternium

Diablo – Elegance In Black

The Blood Divine – Mystica

Novembers Doom – Tne Knowing

Killing Joke – Killing Joke

Knorkator – Tribute To Uns Selbst

Fall Of The Leafe – Fermina

Fall Of The Leafe – Volvere

Blazing Eternity – Times And Unknown Waters

Greyswan – Thought-Tormented Minds

Dark Land – Rise And Fall

Disarmonia Mundi – Nebularium

Casket – Under The Surface

Good Witch (Of The South) – Nuclear

Quiet Room – Reconceive

Age Of Ignorance – Zoom This Sound

Tyr – Eric The Red

Anchor – Pain Inside (+demo CD)

Serenade – The Chaos They Create

Elusive – Destination Zero

Bricks For Shoulders – You are, Therefore I Am...

Monikers – Eat Your Young

Light Yourself On Fire – Light Yourself On Fire

Eastern Youth – What Can You See From Your Place

Remember Twilight – Kammermusik-Core

Wings – Diatribe

Antichrisis – Cantara Anachoreta

Forgotten Sunrise – Please Disco-nnect Me

In Vain  -Serenades Of The Wretched

Soultorn – Masks

Sigil – Leftover

Tempura – Sogni

Aoria – Th Constant

Daylight Dies – No Reply

Callisto – True Nature Unfolds

Callisto – Ordeal Of The Century

Editors – The Back Room (CD+DVD)

Moonspell – Memorial

Moonspell – Dakness And Hope

Solefald – In Harmonia Universali

Novembre – Materia

In Flames – Black-Ash Inheritance (shape CD)

Theatre Of Tragedy – Velvet Darkness They Fear

Theatre Of Tragedy – Theatre Of Tragedy

Without Face – Astronomicon (sa sve potpisima)

Without Face – Deepinside

Dying Wish – The Silent Horizon

The Gallery – Dreamscapes

Trans AM – Red Line

Pist On – Number One

Basilisk – ... Between Light And Shadow

Paragon Of Beauty – Comfort Me, Infinity

Gomez – Liquid Skin

Dark Tranquility – Enter Suicidal Angels

Dark Tranquility – Projector

Heavenwood – Swallow

Heavenwood – Diva

Abscess – Through The Cracks Of Death

Robbie Williams – Life Thru Lens

New Sun – Expectations

Blind Guardian – The Forgotten Tales

Ritual – Superb Birth

Bitter Fall – Sweet Rise

Los Los – Viva Los Los!

Lit – A Place In The Sun

Starkweather – Croatoan

The Black Dahlia Murder – Unhallowed

Apoptigma Berzerk – Sonic Diary


ROME – Nera

SOAD – Hypnotize 2CD


BAPHOMET – The Dead Shall Inherit 2006

OBSIDIAN – Emerging

DEVIATED INSTINCT – Welcome To The Orgy 2006

AXEGRINDER – Rise Of The Serpent Men 2006

ASGAROTH – Red Shift

BUMBLEBEES – Cissetive

RENTOKILLER – Cadaveri Eccelente

DOMINION – Threshold

THINE – In Therapy

MDB – Deeper Down


AUTMNBLAZE – The Mute Sessions


SECRETS OF THE MOON – The Exhibitions EP

KVLR – st

Solefald ‎– The Linear Scaffold

Solefald ‎– Pills Against The Ageless Ills

Samael ‎– Eternal

Knut ‎– Challenger

Underøath ‎– Define The Great Line (CD, Album, Ltd, Dig + DVD-V)

Madder Mortem ‎– Desiderata

Various ‎– Blue (Label: Dreams By Degrees ‎– DEG 005)

The Diskettes ‎– The Diskettes (Humblebee Recordings)

The Scarr ‎– Animalenemy (WorldChaos / KDM-009)

J.B.O. ‎– Head Bang Boing

Magnacult ‎– Synoré

Theatre Of Tragedy ‎– A Rose For The Dead

Moonspell ‎– The Butterfly Effect

Desire - There Where Candles Fade

Desire - Assembled Forever

Hannah Fury ‎– Through The Gash

Stormfågel ‎– Ett Berg Av Fasa

Desiderii Marginis ‎– Seven Sorrows

Coph Nia ‎– The Dark Illuminati: A Celestial Tragedy In Two Acts

Sweatmaster ‎– Animal

Paatos ‎– Kallocain

Tiamat ‎– A Deeper Kind Of Slumber

Stormfågel ‎– Den Nalkande Stormen

The Ocean ‎– Fluxion (2004)

Yearning ‎– Plaintive Scenes

singlovi, promosi, demo izdanja

Leiah – Unititled (Single, Promo)

Anouk – Nobody’s Wife

Clear Horizon – Clear Horizon (Promo, Kranky)

Embers Left – Chord Of Desolation (Demo)

The Black Maria – Lead Us To Reason (Promo CD)

On Thorns I Lay – Egocentric (Promo CD)

Nehemah – Requiem Tenebrae (Promo CD)

The Duskfall – Frailty (Promo CD)

The Duskfall – Source (Promo CD)

Alex Rudi Pell – The Wizards Chosen Few (Promo 2CD)

Lost Emotions – For Each Tear That You Spill (Demo)

Portrait Of Beyond – Obscure Passages (Demo)

Embers Fire – Shadows (Demo)

Cake – I Will Survive (singl)

The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin Beats (singl)

Propellerheads – History Reapiting (singl)

Live – Freaks (singl)

Paradise Lost – Mouth (singl)

Supergrass – Richard III (singl)

Guano Apes – Living In A Lie (singl)

INXS – Elegantly Wasted (singl)

Rammstein – Stripped (singl)

Nek – Laura Non C’e (singl)

#2 Demon Seed

Demon Seed

    Outside of Metal

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Posted 24 juli 2018 - 11:02

Poštovanje za izuzetnoga čoveka! :D

Pošto bi bio taj Godkiller, skriveni industrial bm psihoticni dragulj? :D

Zanima me i Nek - Laura Non C'e (kak'a refrenčina!)
If it itches, play it.


#3 Kumodraski Vo

Kumodraski Vo

    Lord of Metal

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Posted 24 juli 2018 - 13:52

A Axegrinder?

#4 Haos sam ja

Haos sam ja

    Anonimus of Metal

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Posted 24 juli 2018 - 14:16

Mene zanimaju Starkweather, Poison the Well, Callisto (True nature unfolds), Envy...možda još po nešto.



    Hell serpent fejkčina od Metal

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Posted 24 juli 2018 - 16:08

Bilo bi lepo da ostane ovaj Mourning Beloveth još koji mesec, sad mi se ne sluša nešto doom, mada vreme trenutno ko da je jesen..

#6 zyclon


    Anonimus of Metal

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Posted 24 juli 2018 - 16:53

Колико коштају појединачно ова три Diablo диска и оба од Heawenwood?

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