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  1. Od mene navijačka kladionica za sve 😄

    • Masvidal (cenim ipak da će nate da ga ugnjavi i subuje)
    • Till (manje volim gasteluma, mnogo kenja lik)
    • Wonderboy
    • BlagoyE (osim ako lewis nije podrobno radio na kardiju pa postao bolji borac)
    • Gillespie (becuz fuck dat kevin lee guy)
    • Walker (u svakom smislu 😄 )

  2. Great icons of the Progressive scene have spoken about the importance of Scenes From a Memory throughout the history of the genre.

    Steven Wilson: “Many of you know that I’m not a follower of Dream Theater’s music, but I have good friendship with Jordan Rudess and Mike Portnoy, they helped Porcupine Tree greatly to be known in North America, as we toured with them in the 2000s. Memory comes back having bought the vinyl from the scenes from a memory, while I'm not such a fan of technical prog, this one had something different, It had something very cinematic that I like and support in the progressive metal scene"

    Mikael Åkerfeldt: " I met Dream Theater with Images & Words that was a resounding success, and I became a fan of them immediately, since the times of the 70s they succeeded to make something so extraordinary in the progressive scene as a band. I remember that in 1999 with opeth we launched “Still Life” that was a concept album of a romantic and tragic drama, then a week later these guys released “Scenes from a Memory” with a similar concept, but away from what I wrote They were based on reincarnation and life after death, they were more crazy than me at that time (laughter) "

    Geddy Lee: " In the 70s and 80s the only American prog bands that were spoken of were rush and Kansas, then in the 80 s appeared two young bands like fates warning and queensrÿche, finally in the 90s Some hungry and thirsty boys with creativity. They were name a lot on radios and magazines to these young dream theater, I was curious and I heard scenes from a memory and immediately thought this deserves to be a success and will be a visionary record for the future generations of musicians "

    Tony Levin :" I met Rudess, Portnoy and Petrucci in 1997 when we form Liquid Tension Experiment , those guys wanted to literally eat the world, they were sweating with creativity, it made me easy to work with them and learned from them, they made the most of my capabilities, that's a lot to say. In that time I think rudess joined dream theater and had no doubts that the first album with them would be brilliant "

    Daniel Gildenlöw :" Mike Portnoy invited me with my band Pain of Salvation to support them with their album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, I was really excited. I loved those guys in their previous album, it was a demonstration of how you can achieve a concept album, It influenced me a lot in my future albums with my band "

    Ross Jennings :"I owe my life to that album practically, it influenced me so much in my career as a vocalist and interpreter, singing songs from that album with portnoy, was to fulfill a teenage dream"

    Arjen Lucassen :"There are albums where bands write their name in the history of a music style, Dream Theater did it with Scenes From a Memory, with a story of love and life that gives you , the chills.. For me I do more history of post apocalyptic worlds, and they specialized in creating a work of art in real events. 5 years later I did not hesitate to call James Labrie the protagonist of The Human Equation, his level of interpretation was perfect for what we wanted "

    Neal Morse :" I remember I met Mike Portnoy in 1999 , He told me they were making the most ambitious and risky album in the band’s race, It was all or nothing, I could hear some demos before and I said to my good friend "Quiet man, you made me cry , as you will with thousands of your fans"

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  3. poslušah čim je izašlo. mislim da im je potreban jedan 5yr hiatus, taman da mustaine ode u penziju, pa da pusti dirka nazad, a i da strid (možda) dobije neku svežu ideju 😄 

    izašla je i stalfagel pesma sa dosnimljenim vokalima alise iz arch enemyja, i to bolje da nije 😄 

  4. znao sam da je gracie hype. biće potrebno još malo da se kali, pa da možda i zapreti.

    a za boogie woman se isto znalo da jedino rose i valentina mogu da je dobiju 😄 

    chito vera isto bio odličan u prelimsima, red je da dobije ranked protivnika.

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