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Symphony X

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meni vise zvuci kao da zeli da bude Jorn. A pesma deluje kao klasican post The Odyssey SX, ocajni tekstovi and all. 

mada mi bio prilicno solidan prosli Romeo solo album, videcemo. 

nemam pojma sta SX uopste radi, osim sto su najavili neku anniversary turneju u prodaju majice online za 30 eura. 

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ova melodija, fraziranje u refrenu je ono, naj power metal 101 floskula ikad, Royal Hunt - Message to God refren i Stratovarius - Forever Free bridge mi odmah padaju na pamet. 

Super peva ovaj Dino, ali bas lik stvoren za cover bendove, nista svoje ne doprinosi, ovde je malo Allen, malo Lande, ima i onaj jedan deo "eyes of envy" gde zvuci kao John Bush mnogo. 

Bolje mi bilo sa onim nebitnim likom na prethodnom albumu, bar zvucio malo drugacije iako nije bio neka pevacina. 

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Potpis. Vec sam iskomentarisao na youtube linku pesme, sve je ovo okej, al' meni nit smrdi nit mirise.

Samo cu da iskopiram:


I love Symphony X and Romeo with all my heart, favourite band since I was a young teenager when I discovered them, but I gotta say that I am a bit tired of this full blown million notes riffs and purely guitar focus in the last 2-3 albums (since Paradise Lost). Personally I really wish Romeo and everyone else in SyX would get back to writing more symphonic complex material, a lot more proggy and less in less in your face stuff that Michael usually writes these days. I somewhat understand why he's doing it, it's way more profitable, faster to do, there's a pattern he keeps repeating, gotta feed your family and I guess uphold the contracts signed with music house he's in. But I would still love to hear every 5-10 years an album that's more back to the roots. Imagine having another V or Odyssey with the production and resources he has now?? It would be absolutely mind blowing for sure. But I think it's a time and priorities issue.

Also - another thing that came to my mind - there's the virtuoso status for Michael to hold as well, so he as a guitar player needs to play crazy stuff to be "up to date" with modern guitar players (who are indeed crazier and crazier every day) - which brings us these songs filled with non stop million notes riffs and solos. Instead of keeping up to date with them, just go back to the roots a bit. Metal music and especially prog metal needs a bit of refreshment from the 90s prog-power era, and I'm pretty sure Michael could bring that back to the table. As a hobby musician I understand as well the feel of not repeating yourself too much, and that you get bored from your past actions, but often as well I find inspiration in stuff that I did in the past, and rediscover it and bring it to new light. Revisiting past can often be very rewarding imho.

Dina nisam hteo mnogo komentarisati - sve je to sto je Laza gore iskomentarisao. 


Btw, mix i master ovog i prethodnog albuma radio gitarista iz DGM - ne cudi me sto zvuce maltene isto, izgleda ovaj iz DGM baca drkicu na Romea a ovom imponuje, pa saradjuju :D 


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