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ovaj lik ne valja.sajo je bolji




kontaktirao sam saju da samnom napravi pesmu ali on mi je rekao da je odustao od repa zato sto su ga previse ljudi napusavali

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evo nesto na sta mozda niste naisli, da ubije vreme dok ne izadje sibling-album exitingARM-a: SmallFear Souvenir.




Subtle - The Subtle 6 Mix


1 Robert Wyatt Pigs
2 Fog Inflatable Ape
3 Subtle Featuring Dan Boeckner Middleclass Haunt
4 Hangedup Kinetic Work
4 Köhn Willen-Kohn
5 Why? Crushed Bones
6 Broadcast Corporal
6 Raymond Scott Bandito The Bongo Artist
7 Department Of Eagles The Horse You Ride
7 Dose One Skull 8
8 Kate Bush Cloudbusting
9 Subtle Featuring Mike Patton The Long Vein Of The Voice
10 This Heat A New Kind Of Water
10 Mike Patton Hurry Up And Kill Me, I'm Cold
11 Laurie Anderson O Superman (Oddnosdam Mix)
Remix - Oddnosdam*
12 Styrofoam Bad Natured
13 Thee More Shallows Freshman Remix (Oddnosdam Mix)
Remix - Oddnosdam*
14 Subtle The Memory Craze
14 Fennesz Untitled
15 Thom Yorke Eraser
16 Notwist, The Chemicals
17 Boards Of Canada Dayvan Cowboy
17 My Bloody Valentine To Here Knows When
18 Major Organ And The Adding Machine Life Form





Subtle - WASHERE [2008/MP3/V0(VBR)/Log] - ovo je neki live


1. Flying Horse Plans (LA Knitting Factory)
2. Songmeat (Demo)
3. Silence... (Live At The Mansion)
4. Take To Take (Original Improv)
5. Eneby Kurs (Live At The Mansion)
6. Luck&Fear (LA Knitting Factory)
7. Providence (Original Improv)
8. F.K.O. (LA Knitting Factory)
9. Tez Was Here (Point Ephemere, Paris)
10. Swanmeat (Live At The Mansion)
11. Providence (Original Improv Pt II)

Release Notes:

Collection of live recordings and demos available on Subtle's "WASHERE" tour. Includes previously unreleased material.


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