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Prva je "Divinations"(mtv hits hahah)








Treca (po meni najbolja)





Bice ovo dosta drugachije.....




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Cika pop producent uzeo chedo i oprao mu gace, zvuci mi kao Blood Mountain kojem je neko procistio low end, odsekao suvisne repove i dodao vise pevanja. Ja licno nemam problema kada mi nesto bolje zv

Realno, neuporedivi. Stare pesme volim jer su polupane masne prljave i predobre. Nove pesme volim jer su upeglane ciste sredjene i predobre. Mastodon je stavio kravatu ali i dalje ima kitu ko slon

Ovo je Mastodonov Black album, samo cu to reci


1995 Butterslax - Corn Burglar demo

Featuring Bill Kelliher of Mastodon. This demo came out shortly before Bill joined Lethargy, then he later went on to join Today is the Day, then co-found Mastodon. Butterslax's music has more of a Melvins feel than anything else, unlike the later bands Bill went on to play with.



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Don’t believe everything you read.

Over the past month or so, there have been various reports that Mastodon’s yet-untitled new album will be a concept record about Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. Those stories are entirely inaccurate, bassist and vocalist Troy Sanders has revealed to HeadbangersBlog.com. Yes, band drummer Brann Dailor drew a mad-eyed image of Rasputin with the band’s name tangled into his untamed beard. Yes, the band used the image on t-shirts, posters and stickers. But no, Rasputin won’t be the subject of Mastodon’s next epic prog-metal opus.

“One big rumor gets out there, and it kind of spreads quickly, which is cool,” says Sanders. “I’m glad people are speculating on what the record’s gonna be. We want to keep some of the mystery behind it until the record hits the stands. But the record is not based on the life of Rasputin.”

That a major band can maintain an element of mystery and intrigue in an era of media saturation is admirable. Like Tool and maybe Radiohead, Mastodon feed off the voracious hunger of their fans, and their followers give them some leeway, knowing full well that whatever the group surprises them with will be exciting, energetic and escapist. After all, Mastodon have developed an impressive track record.

Their 2002 full-length debut, Remission, was fierce and pummeling, packed with twisting guitar lines and tumbling drum fills. 2004’s Leviathan, a concept album about Herman Melville’s novel “Moby Dick” was even more astounding. The music was more tuneful, the riffs more crushing and chaotic — as if the band was throwing caution to the wind in the quest for its own big white whale.

But it was 2006’s Blood Mountain that earned Mastodon respect outside of the metal community. Injecting textural psychedelic squiggles throughout the thunderous Melvins-meets-Neurosis clamor, the band conjured music that acted both as an original, enthralling soundbed and as the backdrop to a science-fiction tale of surreal, lysergic proportions. The J.R.R. Tolkien-influenced story was filled with tree people, psychotic beasts, ravaging landscapes, torrential weather and, we believe, a crystal that had to be inserted in the back of the skull in order to achieve total freedom.

With that in mind, we can’t wait to see what conceptual lunacy Mastodon concoct for their fourth full album, which is scheduled for release in January. When the band finishes touring on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest, it will return to Atlanta to finish up the disc with producer Brendan O’Brien.

During our podcast interview with Sanders, we discussed the importance of mystery, the musical direction of the new material, the band’s new vocal style, the influence of King Crimson, Yes and Frank Zappa and why Mastodon chose to record in Atlanta. We also addressed the band’s work ethic, why they played three new tunes at Bonnaroo and what 2009 holds in store for one of metal’s most groundbreaking and mesmerizing giants.

Interview with Troy/MP3

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немају онај лудачки поглед у очима а свако од 4 лица је као генетска реплика Дин Вентуре... насловна страна за јебени Аберкромби каталог, сезона Лолапалоза. смор

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I revisited some of that footage from the 2005 UK tour with Mastodon / High On Fire / Bloodsimple / Withered, and did a fresh new cut of the Glasgow, Scotland show. And I've put the entire set up on youtube for those that didn't get to see one of those killer headlining sets from the Leviathan tours. They were on fire this night, after a rough first day of the tour the night before in Peterborough. Now rested and adjusted to the time difference a bit better, they were ready to kick some ass, and luckily the people in Glasgow were ready to kick ass with them.

Recorded on 4 cameras by my wife and I, with soundboard audio. It's split into two parts:
Hearts Alive
I Am Ahab

Blood And Thunder
Where Strides The Behemoth
Mother Puncher
Aqua Dementia
Hail To Fire
Iron Tusk
March Of The Fire Ants
The Bit (Melvins)

Enjoy!!! Just a little something done to help tide us all over until we can hear some new shit or until we can see em live. I'll go through and grab a few other older shows and maybe upload those as well. Those days are past, but they certainly shouldn't be forgotten!

And this edit is much better than any other previous edits I did of this a few years ago.

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In the Studio: Head Injury Inspires New Melodic Mastodon Album


10/7/08, 11:37 am EST


Mastodon can trace the origins of their fourth album to the pavement in front of the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas. That’s where the Atlanta metal band’s guitarist-vocalist, Brent Hinds, was attacked and cracked his head open during a drunken altercation following the MTV VMAs in September 2007. Hinds suffered brain hemorrhaging, and then, as he recovered, he was plagued by vertigo.


“I was dizzy for eight months,” he says, hanging out at a studio in the band’s hometown, along with guitarist Bill Kelliher, bassist-vocalist Troy Sanders and drummer Brann Dailor. “During those months, I just sat with my acoustic and a little marijuana, and wrote all the music. I wanted a more melodic, easy-listening situation, and that definitely came from having head trauma.”


Mastodon’s last set, 2006’s Blood Mountain, was their major-label debut, and it brought them up from the metal underground to a wider audience, earning them a Grammy nomination and MTV spins for “Colony of Birchmen.” The new album continues the trend. “We wanted to make something a little broader,” says Dailor. “A classic-rock-sounding record.”


Those impulses led Mastodon to producer Brendan O’Brien (Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam). They were initially introduced to O’Brien backstage at a Springsteen show by E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg, whose son is a Mastodon fan. “I asked Bruce, ‘How was Brendan to work with?’ ” says Dailor. “He said, ‘He’s the only person I’ve ever trusted with my music.’ I was like, ‘Well, you’re the Boss.’”


O’Brien brought a relaxed vibe to the studio and helped flesh out the album’s classic-rock heart. “Quintessence” adds spacey washes of synthesizers and vocal harmonies to the brawny riffs and piercing guitar lines. The thrashing “Divinations” comes on like Master of Puppets-era Metallica, only with soaring vocals and a bright chorus, and “Oblivion” inserts a bluesy guitar solo into a sinister, multitempo, prog-metal epic.


The finished album will contain only seven songs, and, like previous Mastodon outings, will be a concept record. After past efforts focused on fire, water and earth, the new disc will explore air, ghosts and the ethereal world. The group has talked about eventually combining the releases into a box set called The Elements.


“Musically and lyrically, this is the record we’d be writing if we weren’t going to exist tomorrow,” says Sanders. “We don’t feel like we have to do a certain type of record to please a certain group. We’re free to change.”

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Today at 2:33am

Mastodon are extremely honored to announce that they will be supporting the great Metallica next summer in Europe. Here are the confirmed dates so far....

06/14/2009 Helsinki, FIN Hartwall Arena

06/15/2009 Helsinki, FIN Hartwall Arena

06/17/2009 Oslo, NOR Spektrum

06/22/2009 Milan, ITA Datch Forum

06/24/2009 Rome, ITA Palalottomatica

07/13/2009 Madrid, ESP Palacio de Deportes

07/16/2009 Zurich, CHE Hallenstadion

07/20/2009 Copenhagen, DEN Copenhagen Forum

07/22/2009 Copenhagen, DEN Copenhagen Forum

07/23/2009 Copenhagen, DEN Copenhagen Forum

07/27/2009 Copenhagen, DEN Copenhagen Forum


Check out the MastodonRocks.com for all upcoming tour dates!


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Mastodon Unveil New Album Details


It appears frontman Brent Hinds' injured head has healed just fine, as his heavy metal band Mastodon have finally emerged from the studio and unveiled details for their fourth album, Crack The Skye, which will be released early next year.


As the follow-up to 2006's Blood Mountain, Crack The Skye will run 50 minutes but feature only seven tracks, built around four-part centerpiece "The Czar," which explores the album's lyrical theme, Czarist Russia. (We're not making that up.)


The band recorded the album in their hometown of Atlanta at Southern Tracks Studios under the guidance of producer Brendan O'Brien (Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, Rage Against the Machine).


After Mastodon's Crack The Skye is finally released, the quartet will head out on a European summer tour with metal gods Metallica.


Crack The Skye tracklist:

1. "Oblivion"

2. "Divinations"

3. "Quintessence"

4. "The Czar"

"(I) Usurper"

"(II) Escape"

"(III) Martyr"

"(IV) Spiral"

5. "Ghost of Karelia"

6. "Crack The Skye"

7. "The Last Baron"

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и још

In a recent interview with MetalSucks, MASTODON bassist/singer Troy Sanders stated about the group's forthcoming album, "I think most of our new material is going to be more under the rock category, but it's pretty epic and involved, extremely layered, broad, melodic, dark, and creepy. When we met up with [producere] Brendan [O'Brien], he had heard some of our demos and he liked some of the rock elements that we had with our stuff. We told him that we were interested in recording, quote, 'a classic rock record that will hopefully have a long shelf life and have solid songs from start to finish, and that will live a lot longer than just listening to it a few times and shelving it.' Our favorite records of all time that we always constantly revisit in our own collection are by bands like JOURNEY, YES, KING CRIMSON, FRANK ZAPPA, KANSAS, and all the shit that we grew up with and were inspired by and continue to revisit. We kind of wanted to attempt to capture a record like that, [at least] in our eyes and ears. The stars had aligned perfectly because Brendan's a perfect match, a funny dude and a great musician who has an amazing ear. He can pick out little things that we can try to do that we hadn't even thought of before, whether it be vocally or sonically with the guitars or something. So it is going to be more of a rock kind of Count Chocula-meets-DEEP PURPLE thing. That's kind of what we're saying."


и ово

As with each of their previous releases, the packaging for the new album will be as bold and breathtaking as the music contained within. Multiple packaging formats are expected. Details to be revealed in the near future.

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