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Ovo mogu da ocekujem kao komentar nekoga ko nije slusao death metal pre 15 godina vec da je ili mlad ili skorojevic. Deranged su jedan od retkih brutal DM bendova koji ne izbacuju los album, redovno i

Evo HUMAN je sve samo ne skorojevic i sta je rekao? Do jaja za svirku, omot je ogav obrni okreni..

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U REX-u sam chitao recenziju albuma Plantified Cemetary i lik ih je opisao kao klasicni OSDM sa malim dodacima Brutala i Grinda.Uzeo sam ovaj album ocekujuci klasicnu Svedsku svirku tipa Dismember.A kada sam poceo da slusam...Brutalno u p.m.Ja bi ih pre uporedio sa Vomitory.Zaista sjajan album!

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dobre majice samo nema informacija... a meni treba XXL... nabavio sam Plainfield Cemetery jos kad sam procitao recenziju u nekom od predhodnih MEX recenzija... album je klanje... death grind kakav bi trebao da bude

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Rikard Wermen (drums) gives us a rapid update!


"So... It's done! Well, as a matter of fact it was done a couple of weeks ago. The recording of Obscenities in B flat. It wouldn't be much metal if I didn't mention how great, cool, brutal, and simply that it is the best CD we have ever done so... Now, it's done.

Ehm, as for the actual recording; Once again, we used Berno Studio. This is the 8´th full length Johan and I records at Bernos, counting a few none Deranged recordings.


We have never been much into recording digitally. This time around we recorded the whole sha bang in Pro Tools. Berno got one of the baddest Pro Tools set ups around. We tried it out. Turned out fine.

Normally when I'm doing the drum tracks, Johan will be playing along with me. We have never used any metronome or anything. Just the guitar and I. This time around I put down all of the drum tracks without any guitar or anything else. Just by myself and it turned out fine.


There's 9 tracks on it and it's said to be released sometime in May. It will be great to have a new CD out. There will be a few surprises on the CD though. And I would like to add that everything you hear on the disc was done in the studio. No cheesy movie samples or anything.


I would like to thank Surachai Sutthisasanakul for the great intro you did for Torture. and for nice and much appreciated "stalker talker" parts. I would also like to take the opportunity and say thanks to Berno Paulsson for once again working with us and for keeping up with us.


2006. Obscenities In B Flat


1. Long Live The New Flesh

2. Torture, Rape, Cum And Kill

3. Coven Of Death

4. Crawl With Me, Through The Filth

5. Deflower The Dead

6. Body Fluids From Unknown Source

7. Alive, Swarming Wth Flies

8. Pray On The Weak

9. Dead In A Ditch


What else? Hell, I don't know. Go get the CD when it's released and get yourself a opinion of it.



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