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Black Sabbath


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Ko vas jebe obojicu.


Bas je dobar album,iznad mojih ocekivanja.Samo Zeitgeist i Damaged Soul smaraju,ostalo valja itekako.Iommi zvuci jebeno,gitare su predrkane.I Ozzy zvuci dobro,bas mi je nedostajao njegov glas na dobroj pesmi.Favoriti su mi End Of Beginning,Loner i Live Forever.

Jedina zamerka ide na suv dobos...ali to vec postaje klasika kod albuma koje Rubin radi.Ali ajde,ovde se jos i uklapa,za razliku od Metalike i Slejera.

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evo preslusao sam na youtube-u ceo.




dosadni riffovi koji predugo traju, svaki riff si vec cuo milion puta od iommija u nekoj interesantnijoj formi, ozzy toliko autotunovan da jedva lici na njegov glas, svaka pesma je mogla da se zavrsi 2-3 minuta ranije, nista ne ulazi u glavu, par pesama su los copy/paste starih pesama.


veliko govance od izdanja

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Lee Dorrian

23 hours ago near London, England


Listening to the new Sabbath album. Wasn't too sure about God is Dead but End of the Beginning is a fucking monster track. Serious elements of classic chemistry there. Best track so far, just getting into the rest of it. Could obviously nitpick a lot but all things considered, this far down the line, it's quite an achievement.

Lee Dorrian Whether it stands the test of time is another story. Just take it for what it is and celebrate that they're still here to do it is what I say.

Lee Dorrian Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die are two very classic albums if you ask me. Both underrated in my opinion, especially Technical - some of Tony's finest moments on that album.

Lee Dorrian To be honest, I was ready to tear it apart but then realised I was being daft. Give them a break - couldn't have been an easy thing to pull off. Tony carried on in the wilderness for many, many years, when no one even cared about Sabbath. So I'm happy for him more than anything that it's kind of (minus Bill of course, unfortunately) come full circle.

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to sto je lee dorian rekao je u fazonu da se vrati dzordan sa 65 godina da igra i kao, eto vidis mator je ne moze mnogo ali eto kad sutne vidi se da je nekad bio najbolji igrac na svetu.


dzordan sa 65 godina>>>>>>>>>lebron dzejmz



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