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Virgin Steele

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U.S. metallers VIRGIN STEELE will release their new album, "The Black Light Bacchanalia", via SPV/Steamhammer on the following dates:   Germany, Austria, Switzerland: October 22 Rest of Europe: Oct

Pa ja vec imam ovaj nov album samo da stignem da ga preslusam:)


by Carlos Lorca


Virgin Steele performed an amazing concert Friday evening at the Atarfe Vega Rock Festival in Spain! They wailed like the TRUE METAL KINGS they are, and all without their drummer! Drummer Frank Gilchriest had some confusion with flight arrangements, and was unable to arrive on time for their set, but the band played on. The audience more than made up for the percussion, by clapping rhythmically and chanting throughout the gig! Singer David DeFeis also did some mighty pounding on the wooden stage, with some serious boots! It was a wild, aggressive performance that only a top notch, highly seasoned group could pull out of themselves. I had a chance to ask David a few questions after the concert. Please read on:



Carlos Lorca: David what happened with your drummer?


David: I don't know all the details as I have not yet spoken to Frank, but I was told that there was some kind of confusion with his plane, and that he would not arrive by the time we were to perform this evening. I am sure that he is very, very upset that he could not be here with us tonight! He was really looking forward to this show.



Carlos Lorca: What did you do when you heard this news?


David: At first I thought it was some kind of joke, but when I found out that it actually was true, I went into action. I received the information that he would not make the concert at 3:00 this afternoon, just as we were planning to leave the hotel to come here. We were scheduled to perform at 6:20, so we had to decide very quickly what to do. I called the rest of the group and told them to meet me in my room, so that we could plan an alternate set to perform. We met, discussed and threw ideas around for about 30 minutes, and then drove off to do the gig.



Carlos Lorca: How do you think the concert went? I mean from my point of view it was incredible. You even managed to get an encore, which is a rare thing on a festival, with the time factor, and all the pressure to keep the bands moving along. And I have to say, the band sounded so confident, and your voice sounded so strong and high!


David: Thank you Carlos. I think it went quite well. The crowd seemed to really enjoy it, and they were really very supportive, which gave us confidence to continue and to deliver the goods.



Carlos Lorca: I spoke to many fans who said they were very happy that you played. They thought you would cancel under such circumstances.


David: Some bands might have cancelled, but not us. We go on regardless. We did not want to disappoint anyone. We came to perform, and that is what we did. It was a magic, by the seat of your pants kind of show. I really enjoyed it.



Carlos Lorca: Any last words for the Spanish fans?


David: Yes. We thank you all for your tremendous show of faith, heart, honor and incredibly loud support! Thanks for the really great welcome, and thanks so very much for making this such a special concert. We will see you all again soon, with our drummer.




The SET LIST was as follows:





4. DON'T SAY GOODBYE (Tonight)




8. Guitar Solo















Ljudi su bre svirali bez bubnjara! How cool is that! icon_mrgreen.gif Kladim se da bi Manowar(Joey tj.) otkazao svirku kada bi im se to desilo!


A set lista je cool..

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Vezano za poredjenja Manowar-a i Virgin Steel-a:

Cinimi se da su oni (ta dva benda) cak jednom (ili vise puta) bili zajedno na turneji...ako se ne varam '87 (il' tu negde).



Naravno,zna se ko je svirao prvi,a ko je bio glavni na tim svirkama icon_biggrin.gif



ALL HAIL MANOWAR icon_rockdevil.gif

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VIRGIN STEELE have posted the following message on their official web site:


"The new VIRGIN STEELE album is almost finished. Mixing commenced several weeks ago, and David [DeFeis, vocals] is nearly finished with all the tracks. He should have the mixing wrapped up within a week or two, and then he needs a few days more for mastering. All looks quite promising for an early September release. We will keep you informed.


"In related news, David and Edward [Pursino, guitar] flew over to Germany last week for a listening session for the new album, with all the key German magazines, and the reaction was extremely positive."




mnogoooo do septembra...


kada bi josh oni svirali u Bugarskoj..uh..

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Znaci ne znam oni su meni jedan od omiljenih bendova tkao da ono posle 6 godina ocekujem jebeno dobar album icon_rockdevil.gif

Jel stoji i dalje ono sto si ti meni reko da ce novi album da ima 60 pesama icon_smile.gif

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Па, шта је Де Феис - Бетор да изда албум са 60 песама? Не прави он човек грајнд!

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Warriore sta sam ti bre rekao? icon_smile.gif


Da necu i njih da gledam u Grchkoj? icon_smile.gificon_smile.gif



More ja chekam josh jedno remek delo icon_rockdevil.gif


A bash me zanima dal ce i sad da iskopa neke stare pesme kao sto je radio na Atreusu..

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E jebem ti mater nemoj da me pravis budalom icon_smile.gificon_smile.gificon_smile.gif

To si bre postovao na metalserbiji jednom secam se

Nema veze uglavnom jedi govna icon_smile.gif

Ja cuo da ce da bidne nesto priblizno oko 50-60 pesama samo ne zna od koga icon_smile.gif

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Long-running New York power metallers VIRGIN STEELE have posted the following message on their official web site:


"The new VIRGIN STEELE album is truly on schedule! David [DeFeis, vocals] is literally one day away from completing all mixing and mastering, and I can now honestly tell you with complete confidence that it will be out in September. The name of the album is to be... 'Visions of Eden', and it is quite epic. It is I believe the group's longest album to date, clocking in at 79 minutes and 57 seconds. We hope you will enjoy it. More information, track listing etc., will appear in the weeks ahead..."



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user posted image


"Visions of Eden - The Lilith Project - A Barbaric Romantic Movie of the Mind" track listing:


01. Immortal I Stand (The Birth of Adam)

02. Adorned With the Rising Cobra

03. The Inefable Name

04. Black Light on Black

05. Bonedust

06. Angel of Death

07. God Above God

08. The Hidden God

09. Childslayer

10. When Dusk Fell

11. Visions of Eden


VIRGIN STEELE's new album,due on September 8 via Sanctuary, is said to be "quite epic," clocking in at 79 minutes and 57 seconds.


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