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NYMag: How much did you pay for the new Radiohead album?

Trent Reznor: I bought the physical one, so I spent a whopping $80. [Pauses.] But, then I re-bought it and paid $5,000, because I really felt that I need to support the arts, so people could follow in my footsteps.



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Pa zar niko da prokomentarise Bonus disk?


Odlicno, sve je komotno moglo na album, narocito Down Is The New Up, Go Slowly, Up On The Ladder.


Taman sam se gotovo prezasitio slusajuci In Rainbows, (ako je to moguce), nabavih bonus....


Sta da kazem, hvala R'headu sto su mi ulepsali ovu zimu



I get eaten by the worms and weird fishes.... :razz:

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House of cards mi ne izlazi iz glave.


Album mi sve bolje zvuči svakim slušanjem, a ovo je preslušavanje po ko zna koji put u ko zna kojem mesecu posle download-a.

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Au gde ode ova tema, na 4 stranu.. uzas.





1. "Just" (from The Bends) – 3:54

2. "Paranoid Android" (Single Edit) (originally from OK Computer) – 3:59

3. "Karma Police" (from OK Computer) – 4:24

4. "Creep" (from Pablo Honey) – 3:57

5. "No Surprises" (from OK Computer) – 3:49

6. "High and Dry" (from The Bends) – 4:20

7. "My Iron Lung" (from The Bends) – 4:36

8. "There There" (from Hail to the Thief) – 5:23

9. "Lucky" (from OK Computer) – 4:20

10. "Optimistic" (from Kid A) - 5:16

11. "Fake Plastic Trees" (from The Bends) – 4:52

12. "Idioteque" (Edit) (originally from Kid A) – 5:09

13. "2 + 2 = 5" (from Hail to the Thief) – 3:19

14. "The Bends" (from The Bends) – 4:04

15. "Pyramid Song" (from Amnesiac) – 4:51

16. "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" (from The Bends) – 4:12

17. "Everything In Its Right Place" (from Kid A) – 4:11


Bonus disc


1. "Airbag" (Edit) (originally from OK Computer) – 4:44

2. "I Might Be Wrong" (from Amnesiac) – 4:54

3. "Go to Sleep" (from Hail to the Thief) – 3:21

4. "Let Down" (from OK Computer) – 4:59

5. "Planet Telex" (from The Bends) – 4:19

6. "Exit Music (For a Film)" (from OK Computer) – 4:24

7. "The National Anthem" (from Kid A) – 5:51

8. "Knives Out" (from Amnesiac) – 4:17

9. "Talk Show Host" (B-Side from Street Spirit (Fade Out)) – 4:14

10. "You" (from Pablo Honey) – 3:29

11. "Anyone Can Play Guitar" (from Pablo Honey) – 3:37

12. "How to Disappear Completely" (from Kid A) – 5:56

13. "True Love Waits" (live in Los Angeles, 2001) (from I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings) – 5:02




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Stara vest, al ajde.. 18.06.2008.


Animatori iz Beograda na konkursu za video grupe RADIOHEAD.

Animirani video za pesmu grupe Radiohead Jigsaw Falling Into Place, autora Marka Milankovića i Uroša Obradovića, u krugu je najuspešnijih na takmičenju koje organizuje Aniboom. Pogledajte spot (i glasajte za M&U!) na http://www.aniboom.com/video/234687/Preston-Preston/


ocigledno da nisu pobedili. spot nije los, al ni ja ga ne bih uzeo sa svoju pesmu(da sam radiohead, naravno)

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