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'Ајде да видимо шта ће бити од тога, надам се да ће бити интересантније од последњих неколико Deicide издања. И надам се да ће уопште бити другачије од уобичајеног Deicide стила.

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Florida-based death metallers DEICIDE will release their new album, "To Hell With God", on February 15 via Century Media Records. The CD was produced by Mark Lewis (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, CHIMAIRA) at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida.


"To Hell With God" track listing:


01. Save Your

02. Empowered by Blasphemy

03. Conviction

04. Hang in Agony Until You're Dead

05. To Hell with God

06. Servant of the Enemy

07. Witness of Death

08. Angels in Hell

09. Into the Darkness You Go

10. How Can You Call Yourself a God



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ili je :



Tryfiction (Brian + Eric Hoffman)


Ex Deicide shredders Brian and Eric Hoffman are back!!!!!!!!! Tryfiction will release their debut album in August 2010 on Earache records.



According to Eric "We have lots of unfinished business to take care of. Glen left our reputation in ruins, so it has taken a long time for us to get our sh*t together, but with this lineup we have created the most brutal record you will hear this year, and that's a guarantee. We have watched Glen turn our band into a fuc&ing circus, the amount of shows that guy cancels is unreal, and the last few records have been co&k, I can't tell you how many fans have written to us saying that line up ain't fit to be called Deicide. I mean, personally I think Jack is a cool guy, but he is just there to pick up a pay check, that guy ain't death metal anymore and Ralph "I'm a Christian" Santolla can fuc^ off with his power metal"


On putting the album out with Earache - "Yeah, ironic, I know!!! But they called us up to see if we had anything cooking, it's business for them you know?? They realise there are a ton of fans out there that want to hear us rip sh*t up and see a good live show, plus they basically admitted Glen is an absolute Di^khead, so we said why not, I mean they did good work handling the last true Deicide album, "Scars of The Crucifix"



On the band name "Well, it should be fairly obvious that, the name is a dig at Glen, he was always shi**ing on about coming up with the title Trifixion, pretty much the only thing he ever did in all the years we played in Deicide, I mean, everyone knows Steve writes most of the music + lyrics. The only reason Steve hung on in there is he likes money, and doesn't have the courage to go against Glen"


On the album itself " The album is entitled "Doing Business With The Devil" and we produced it ourselves at Morrisound Studios, we went for an old school vibe here, tried to do everything in one take had Jim Morris come in and mix it, it's totally ripping, ten tracks, no horse shi%



Doing Business The Devil is Slated for an August Release




1. Snakes

2. Sh*ting On Your Own Altar

3. Stabbed In The Back

4. Vengance

5. Cold

6. Business With The Devil

7. Mask

8. Another Lie

9. Murder Of The Self

10.Immolate to Emancipate


Tryfiction are


Brian Hoffman - Guitar

Eric Hoffman - Guitar

Mark De Lanswick - Bass

Corey Snaliathe - Drums

Enrad Kowalzyck - Vocals

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Prva pesma me je napalila do jaja a onda su od druge pa nadalje ubacili u neku "napornu" brzinu, jedva izdržah do kraja albuma. Nije loše, samo je jednolično - drve jedan isti kurac u krug pa makar to sve i trajalo samo po' sata, mnogo je.

Glenov vokal ipak nije pukao, ali svejedno nisam nešto impresioniran. Moglo je i bolje i gore.

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