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10 najboljih black metal pesama

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Moja nova top lista:   Forest Silence - Philosophy Of Winter Evilfeast - Grim Spirit, The Forest Wander Evilfeast - My Tower Among The Timeless Mountains Walknut - Come, Dreadful Ygg Walknut -

1.Von - Satanic Blood

2.Mayhem - Necrolust

3.Mayhem - Deathcrush

4.Bestial Mockery-Chainsaw Demons Return

5.Burzum - Tomhet ( ne ne pozerisem se i da slusam i Burzum i Mayhem i pusite ga tr00 necro grim gayevi).

6.Marduk - Night of the Long Knives

7.Legion of Doom - The Black Queen

8.Dark Funeral - The Arrival Of Satans Empire

9.Dark Funetal - Hail Murder

10.Marduk - Baptizm by Fire

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Po nebitnom redosljedju... :mrgreen:


1.Stormlord-A sight inwards

2.Satyricon-Dark medieval times

3.Metamorphosis-Through the gate of dreams

4.Carpe Noctem-Endless


6.Darkestrah-Through the ashes of the shamanic flames


8.Impurity-Blood screams

9.Nelchael's Throne-Silence at the cemetery

10.Tempestas-Worlds beyond death and life

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Ima ih previše da bih mogao samo 10 izbrati, ali trenutno najviše slušam:

Aura noir - conqueror

Darkthrone - Unholy black metal

Mayhem - Carnage

Dark Funeral - King antichrist

Taake - Hordaland Doedskvad Part III

Havohej - I arose

Sargeist - remains of an unholy past

Nokturnal mortum - Lunar poetry

Nattefrost - mass destruction

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Ja trenutno slusam ovako:


Graveworm-Hateful Design

Kataxu-In The Arms Of The Astral World

Bal Sagoth-Callisto Rising


Pagan Reign-Ognem I Mechom

Cradle Of Filth-Gidra

Cradle Of Filth-So Violently Sick

Cradle Of Filth-As My Stomach Churns

Mortuary Drape-Primordial


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Сет листа од 11, тренутно, најслушанијих песама:


Keep of Kalessin - Crown of Kings

Keep of Kalessin - The Black Uncharted

Keep of Kalessin - Armada

Bal-Sagoth - The Sixth Adulation of His Chthonic Majesty

Bal-Sagoth - Invocations Beyond the Outer-World Night

Bal-Sagoth - Six Score and Ten Oblations to A Malefic Avatar

Enslaved - Path to Vanir

Enslaved - Ruun

Satyricon - K.I.N.G.

Satyricon - The Pentagram Burns

Satyricon - To тhe Mountains


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Abysoss-Masquarade In The Flames

Tvangeste-Tears will wash off the blood

Mystic Cirlce- Hordes of the underworld

Limbonic Art-Behind the mask obscure

Emperor-Curse you all men

Diabolical Masquerade-Blackheim's Quest To Bring Back The Stolen Autumn

Cof-Bathory aria

Dead Silent Slumber-In the glare of the moon

Covenant-Planetary black elements

Agathodaimon-Ribbons/Requiem 99'



Naravno red je po secanju, a ne po kvalitetu

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Pa sad...


Sve od: NARGAROTH (na prvom mestu!!!! :rockdevil: ), JUDAS ISCARIOT, INFERNAL WAR, Nokturnal Mortum, Behexen, Black Witchery, MASTER'S HAMMER, Darkthrone (sem novog albuma :no: ), Mayhem (mislim na Mayhem, a ne Gayhem!!!), Mutiilation (cak i nove stvari koje su malo slabije), Deathspell Omega (FENOMENALNO!!!!!!), Satanic Warmaster, Ofermod, Malign, Aryan Terrorism, Grand Belial's Key, Moonblood, Armagedda, Ondskapt, Vlad Tepes, Belketre, Torgeist, The Stone (i Stone to Flesh), Gorgoroth, Root, Krieg, Destroyer 666, Bethory, Limbonic Art, Darkestrah, Temnozor, Arkona (Poljska), Graveland, Burzum, Taarma, Svarga (Ukrajina), itd...


Ovo je samo jedan deo...

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1. Emperor - I Am the Black Wizards

2. Mayhem - Life Eternal

3. Satyricon - Vikingland

4. Gorgoroth - the Rite Of The Infernal Invokation

5. Darkthrone - Kataarian Life Code

6. Summoning - Between Light And Darkness

7. Mayhem - Freezing Moon

8. Emperor - Night Of The Gravless Souls

9. Gorgoroth - Revelation Of doom

10. Nargaroth - Black Metal Ist Krieg lol

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1.Nokturnal Mortum-perun's celestial silver

2.Nokturnal Mortum-koljada

3.Nokturnal Mortum-veles' scrolls

4.Nokturnal Mortum-Black raven

5.Nokturnal moretum-call of the aryan spirit

-the new era of swords



-the 13th celebration of cheremosh

6.Gorgoroth-A world to win

7.Gorgoroth-Wound upon wound

8.Behexen-black metal baptism


10.Ljaa-Tilgi Dem Aldri

11.Ljaa-Blendende Lys

12.Koldbrann-Korpus Sepsis


14,Marduk-baptism by fire

15.Marduk-christraping black metal

16.Marduk-burn my coffin

17.Marduk-darkness it shall be

18.marduk-of hells fire



21.marduk-with satan...

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1. Ballad Of Revolt - Morgul

2. Ballad Of Revolt - Morgul

3. Ballad Of Revolt - Morgul

4. Ballad Of Revolt - Morgul

5. Ballad Of Revolt - Morgul

6. Ballad Of Revolt - Morgul

7. Ballad Of Revolt - Morgul

8. Ballad Of Revolt - Morgul

9. Ballad Of Revolt - Morgul

..i naravno...

10. Ballad Of Revolt - Morgul :mrgreen:


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