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Thrash metal izdanje? Hahahaha! Megadeth nije imao treš metal izdanje još od '90. godine. Ne mogu nikako da razumem famu oko svakog sledećeg albuma ovog benda, kad je isti propao pre više od dvadeset

Žao mi je što Mastejn nije overio od droge tamo '90. ili kad je već bio na ivici.

Vi niste normalni. Kritikujete Dave-a najvecu legendu thrash metala. Hetfild i ostale kaubojcine mogu samo da mu sisaju resu. Pametniji je i obrazovaniji od njih hiljadu puta. Muzika koju je pravio u

Javi nam kad budeš spreman.



Cuando Dave regresó de New York después de que lo expulsaran de Metallica, conoció a un hombre llamado Robby. Este hombre tocaba unos acordes que le parecían muy extraños a Dave. Acordes que acabaría utilizando en "Looking Down The Cross". Dave siempre estuvo interesado en este tipo de acordes y empezó a experimentar con ellos nuevamente, y así fue como nació la progresión de acordes que utiliza en Dance In The Rain.

El título surgió de una forma muy curiosa. Resulta que Dave es un adicto a los dulces, entonces agarró una manotada de galletas de la fortuna, abrió la primera y lanzó el papelito con la fortuna al suelo, abrió la segunda e hizo lo mismo. Luego levantó los papeles en orden inverso al que los había arrojado. El primero que levantó decía "Learn to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun" (aprende a bailar en la lluvia en lugar de esperar que salga el sol). Y el otro decia "un regalo inesperado vendra a tí inmediatamente". Todo eso le pareció muy cool a Dave, ya que él cree que las cosas pasan por una razón, y decidió trasladarlo a una canción.


DANCE IN THE RAIN: When Dave came back from New York once they referring Metallica, he met a man named Robby. This man played a few chords that seemed very strange to Dave to him. Those were the chords Dave used in "Looking Down the Cross". Dave always was interested in this type of chords and began experimenting with them again, and so was that it made the chord progression used in Dance In The Rain.


About the title, it happened because he is addicted to sweets, then grabbed a spanking of fortune cookies. He opened the first, threw the piece of paper with the fortune to the ground, opened the second and did the same. Then rose the roles in reverse order that had thrown them. The first that rose said "Learn to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun" learn how to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the Sun. And the other said "a gift will unexpectedly come ti immediately". All that you thought it was very cool to Dave since he believes that you things happen for a reason, and he decided to move it to a song. (Translated by Bing)



fortune cookies :D

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Definitivno, ta postava Megadeth-a iz devedesetih je zlato, a Marty je tu pokazao koliko ume. Broderik mi deluje vestacki nekako, zna on to sve da odsvira, ali nista vise od toga. Isto tako , Gar i Nick su tate u odnosu na Drovera.

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Занимљив и опширан интервју.

Али, наслов:

MEGADETH's DAVE MUSTAINE: 'I Don't Believe In Evolution, I Believe In Creation'

... подстакао многе квалитетне коментаре:


And I believe you are an idiot, Dave

Преко двије хиљаде палчева горе, и незнатно палчева доле. Вјерујем да је то рекорд.


So I guess he's saying the devil put dinosaurs here?
And I thought that I was crazy for having sex with dead squirrels!
Yeah, and the Flintstones is a documentary.
Jumping zombie jebus on a pogo stick, will someone give this guy a meth pipe or something, cause he needs to get off the jebus juice.
If Dave Mustaine can contribute anything to science, it's showing how a human being and an oyster can actually compare when it comes to the IQ.
Dave is the father of djent!
Dave is the Charlie Sheen of metal.

И коначно рјешење:

.. get back on heroin!!! ...
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Oni komentari su nenormalni, moram češće da visim na blabbermouthu. :haha:


Inače, meni cover izgleda prilično amaterski. Kao da je od onih niskobudžetnih underground-cult metal bendova osamdesetih za koje može da se sazna samo preko metal-archives. Mada, sad kapiram da mi se i kao takav više sviđa od prethodna tri omota. :P

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