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British progressive metallers THRESHOLD have entered Thin Ice Studios (DRAGONFORCE, PENDRAGON) in Surrey, England to begin recording their ninth album. "We've got about 75 minutes of music at the moment so there's plenty to do," said keyboard player Richard West, who is producing the CD alongside guitarist Karl Groom. "I'm very pleased with the way this album is coming together," added Groom. "It is particularly good to see contributions in writing from more bandmembers."

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British progressive metallers THRESHOLD have set "March Of Progress" as the title of their new album, due early next year via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD marks the return of the band's original vocalist Damian Wilson (HEADSPACE, STAR ONE) who rejoined the group in 2007 following the departure of Andrew "Mac" McDermott, who sadly passed away in August.


"March Of Progress" is being produced at Thin Ice Studios and Eightspace Studio in the U.K. by Karl Groom and Richard West.

Provisional songtitles set to appear on the CD include:


* Ashes

* Return of the Thought Police

* Colophon

* Staring at the Sun

* Liberty Complacency Dependency

* Divinity

* The Hours

* Don't Look Down

* That's Why we Came

* The Rubicon

* Coda


THRESHOLD will perform a handful of pre-release shows in April 2012 to promote the album.

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auu tuga jbt.

A secam se kad je bila ona donacija i glasalo se dal da se sredi dom omladine (sala se zove Amerikana koliko se secam) ili da se kupe kola za hitnu pomoc.

I ljudi glasali sms-om za dom omladine.

Ovi im obecali bajke, kao drzace se koncerti, jeftino ce se iznajmljivati prostor, bla bla.

Kurac od toga :no:

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mislim da je amerikana velika sala. tamo gde su evergrey prvi put bili.


nisam bio ali svi kazu da je mala sala doma haus. ali jbg, to drze neki ljudi koji odlucuju ko ce tu da svira, i uglavnom im ne pada na pamet da to budu metalci i korovci.

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British progressive metallers THRESHOLD have revealed the details of their upcoming ninth studio album, "March Of Progress", due on August 31 via Nuclear Blast Records.




01. Ashes

02. Return Of The Thought Police

03. Staring At The Sun

04. Liberty Complacency Dependency

05. Colophon

06. The Hours

07. That's Why We Came

08. Don't Look Down

09. Coda

10. Rubicon


Bonus track:


11. Divinity

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