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Dzez muzika smrdi kao i svako ko je slusa i svira. Dzezere bacite lavovima a njihovu djecu kastrirajte.

Dzez je smece. Crncuge znojave... Fuj...

Esbjörn Svensson Trio - 301 (2012)     1. Behind the Stars (03:44) 2. Inner City, City Lights (11:48) 3. The Left Lane (13:37) 4. Houston, The 5th (03:34) 5. Three Falling Free

I’ve just begun to plumb the jazz-depths of this country that is unfortunately more well-known in the West for its terrorism and genocide than excellent musical tradition. It would be as if the Nazi Holocaust invalidated hundreds of years of German classical music.




edit: mislim da ono što u startu razdvaja bilo kog novinara od običnog klepetala je objektivnost. tvoj drugar bolje da se bavi nečim drugim u životu.

Edited by Dick Starbuck
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Michael Brecker - Pilgrimage (2007) @320kb/s




1. The Mean Time (6:55)

2. Five Months From Midnight (7:40)

3. Anagram (10:09)

4. Tumbleweed (9:36)

5. When Can I Kiss You Again? (9:42)

6. Cardinal Rule (7:31)

7. Half Moon Lane (7:17)

8. Loose Threads (8:34)

9. Pilgrimage (10:02)






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Preslusah novog Aliju Di Meolu.

Album zvuci onako kao neki world music dzez(od francuske preko italije do kube i nazad)..ima i patetike malo..i ne znam koji je kurac svim gitaristima(i to ne samo u dzezu) kad omatore da rade Over the rainbow(kao ovde svaka pevaljka sto 'oce da radi Zajdi Zajdi),al ajd...verovatno je jace od njih,ono kao vracanje u detinstvo sta li.

Sve u svemu ok mi je album,onaj njegov stil sviranja "against the time".

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01. simakDialog – Tak Juah Pertama (Indonesia)

02. Brian Ellis – Gossamer (United States)

03. Moraine – Nacho Sunset (United States)

04. Syrinx – Acheiropoietes (France)

05. Slivovitz – Dammi Un Besh O (Italy)

06. Eyot – Stone Upon Stone Upon Stone (Serbia)

07. Quartet Muartet – Geometri (Turkey)

08. The Wrong Object – Lifting Belly (Belgium)

09. Accordo Dei Contrari – Kinesis (Italy)

10. Tohpati Ethnomission – Save the Planet (Indonesia)

11. Fractale – Partie XV (France)

12. D.F.A. - Baltasaurus (Italy)

13. Mahogany Frog – Lady Xoc & Shield Jaguar (United States)

14. Mediabanda – El Largo Camino Hacia La Superacion De La Estupidez (Chile)

15. Forgas Band Phenomena – L' Axe du Fou (excerpt) (France)

16. Planeta Imaginario – Accio Col-Lectiva (excerpt) (Spain)

17. Phlox – Siil (Estonia)

18. Lalle Larson – Beyond Shadows (Sweden)

19. Karcius – Purple King (Canada)

20. Feedback – Reci klaza! Klaza (Slovenia)

21. Klotet - Ekot Från Avgrunden (bonus track) (Sweden)


LINK: http://www.prog-sphere.com/2011/03/25/progsphere%e2%80%99s-progstravaganza-compilation-of-awesomeness-%e2%80%93-part-4/

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Kimio Mizutani - A Path Through Haze (1971) @320kb/s




1. A Path Through Haze (5:56)

2. Sail in the Sky (7:19)

3. Turning Point (3:47)

4. Tell Me What You Saw (4:55)

5. One for Janis (6:27)

6. Sabbath Day's Sable (4:04)

7. A Bottle of Codeine (7:17)

8. Way Out (3:59)





Guillaume Perret & the Electric Epic - Guillaume Perret & the Electric Epic (2010) @320kb/s




1. Massacra (9:38)

2. Circé (14:43)

3. Thème pour le rivage des morts (8:50)

4. Brutalum Voluptuous (8:45)

5. Abidjan (5:48)

6. kakoum (6:18)

7. Louop (12:09)

8. Troglodyte Polyglotte Anthropomorphique (2:53)





Opossum - Bear's Banquet (1974) @320kb/s




1. The Sun and Moon Have Come Together (11:09)

2. Mittelstreifen (10:07)

3. Amina (6:28)

4. Opossum Novum (4:00)

5. Bear's Banquet (15:27)






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ej drugari, je l' sam vas vec nutkao sa ovim?


Fuzz Against Junk - Netti Netti


This outstanding Bristol septet melds heavy 70's Acid Rock with hints of British Jazz and Krautrock all with an improvisational feel; And its surprisingly cohesive and accessible for such experimental material.

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