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idemo dalje, pogodite ko se vratio i ponovo snima Demise :haha:

Early during the pandemic, the band Nachtmystium officially ended after 20 years of releasing music.  However, during this strange period where most of us were home, trying our best to keep from going insane (or trying to stay sober for many of us), and I was no exception to this.  One day, I decided to finally undertake a personal project I'd been threatening to see through to the various members of the band over the years, which was to take the 'Demise' recording into a studio and "finish it".  Allow me to explain this confusing statement a bit further....

 The album was made when I was 19 year old, half my life time ago (as I'm 38 today), and I did not know then what I know now about tone, textures, etc.  I was fortunate enough to have producer Chris Black (of High Spirits, Superchrist, Dawnbringer, etc.) on board for the first time as engineer and producer way back in '03 for the original 'Demise' sessions and he had enough sense to tell me "you need to put SOME bass guitar on there, at least", as my instinct was "all treble, all the time", after years of worshipping 'Under a Funeral Moon'...  So, Chris played bass on the original record, but the parts were very much just following the root notes, as i was not feeling creatively adventurous yet (or knew to be, rather) and Chris didn't yet feel like he could speak up as much as he did on later recordings, much to their betterment, might I add.  Since he didn't in this case, however, I've decided to finally take it upon myself to see it through after talking about going back and re-tracking the bass parts for years and potentially adding the synth parts I'd always secretly envisiouned (but my "kult kid" attitude at the time prevented me from really bringing my vision to life, out of fear that my peers would think it was cheesy or, dare I say, maybe even original...)

So, with that being said - here's the first taste of "Complete Demise", the revisionist version of the 2003 'Demise' album, reimagined by it's original creator.  I lost the original ADAT tapes in a storage space I decided was too expensive to pay up on as it would've eaten into my drug money sometime back during the 2013-2014-2015  shit show.  So, I wasn't able to actually re-mix the original, but fortunately, there are no mids or bass frequencies really present at all in the icy cold, razor thin original.  And, like I said before, they were just kind of following the root notes anyways.  So, they're still in there, but the new ones should be pretty obvious.

This video was created by a very mysterious fan who released it on YouTube with the original album versions audio several years ago, very quietly, so much so that I never knew it existed until just a year or two ago.  Seeing he hadn't promoted it really, nor had I, the view count was still under 1,000 or so as I recall, so I figured....this is the perfect opportunity to release this beautiful (and one of two!  the second coming soon...) video that our mystery fan in central Europe somewhere made for us.   Check out his Youtube channel under the name Teutonic Order at the link below....

The original video files were received from the original creator back in December, 2020 after I requested them via a comment on his original video back over a year or two ago...very grateful for these and the permission to release them.

This is an official NACHTMYSTIUM video release, 2021.

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dje si luka na sto kuraca te nabijem

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Šta je simpa u tome da menjaš album od pre 20 godina za koji čak nemaš ni originalni master nego jebeno nasnimavaš na već usran snimak nove instrumente?


Raspala narkomančina Blejk Džad.

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