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Ma koga boli kurac dal bi ti imao obraza.

Ja ne bih imao obraza ovo da sviram da sam na njegovom mestu. I jos da zaradim pare od toga.   Mada sta on zna, wannabe pijandura koja skici po bini

ludice moras prvo da ga imas da bi te boleo   Inace, izvinjavam se svim vernim ljubiteljima Downa, tek sam danas shvatio da oni imaju nekih vrednih kompozicija.   Ipak, Dajmbeg > Down gitarista

Ох? :D Па то су сјајне вести. Је л' се зна када излазе остали делови? Ја сам мислио да су ово "Part I" ставили јер ће се наредни албум звати "Down IV Part II - нешто-нешто".

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Evo pravog razloga zašto su se odlučili za 4 mini albuma.


Music Industry Examiner: [DOWN is] working on an EP series. What is that about?


Windstein: We looked at one another and said, "Do we really want to do another long stint in the studio, doing 14 or 15 songs, for nobody to buy it?" We feel that it gives us an opportunity. Each individual one will be centered around one part of DOWN's sound. Our first one is our heavy stuff. There'll be maybe an acoustic one because we like having a lot of elements in our sound. We don't want to be cornered into being a heavy metal band. We want to be able to do what we want to do. We play rock and roll with a little bit of metal in it, and with the state of the industry, we feel that it's a good idea to do four EPs. We can get the product out there quicker and it's cheaper for the consumers to buy it. Even if you want to download the whole thing, it'll be five bucks instead of ten if you go to iTunes. Pepper [Keenan, guitar] usually does the artwork for the records and T-shirts, and he's working on a concept where the artwork for all four EPs will tie in with one another as one big piece of work. The same with merchandising. So we think it's a fresh, different approach to what's going on. We're honestly just trying to survive in today's industry. We think we have a good chance, a better chance, of that happening this way.




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