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Pain Of Salvation

Frizzle Fry

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Ne znam...pominjes BE. Mislim da je jedina pjesma koja ima vise cathy refren Iter Impius. Da Road Salt kojim slucajem ukljucuje i ostatak benda mislim da bi refren dobio dodatno na pamtljivosti. 


Naravno,mislim na dinamiku pjesme.

Prije svega mislim na Imago. To su stvari koje prolaze na Evroviziji. Na Scarsick isto imas America i Disco Queen... Sve u svemu cudan izbor ova Road Salt. Zaista sam ocekivao nesto na foru Imago ili eventualno Disco Queen... So many crossroads left behind :no: lane moje > road salt

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Ovdje objasnjava zasto je izabrana Road Salt. Drugi dio intervjua. Poslao im je 3 pjesme,a oni su izabrali RS.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCG0stFE5pw&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq5U5UlaoWs&feature=related


Dobar intervju sa lošim uvodom.



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  • 3 weeks later...

After having surprisingly passed the initial round of the national Swedish competition for the Eurovision Song Contest, Melodifestivalen, PAIN OF SALVATION are now gearing up for performing their intense song "Road Salt" as part of the next round's "Andra Chansen" (Second Chance) show in Örebro, Sweden tomorrow, Saturday, March 6, at 8 p.m. CET.


Once again, the contest will be broadcasted live by Sweden's national TV station SVT and it can also be internationally followed online at this location.


The contest is being watched by several million people within Sweden and PAIN OF SALVATION have successfully managed to make an outstanding impact with their very atmospheric rendition of the song "Road Salt" as well as their concept of "Going back to letting the song be the focal point, not the fancy dresses or the recipe production and structure of the performance," as frontman Daniel Gildenlöw puts it, before adding, "Just us. Playing a song meant to touch your heart. Stripped down. Naked. Brave. Old school."


In other news, PAIN OF SALVATION has just completed works on its new studio album, "Road Salt Ivory". Gildenlöw states, "The first part of 'Road Salt' is finished — mixed, mastered and delivered! It is a 12-track album of sweaty grovel, asphalt butterflies, untreaded paths and brave decisions. It will be presented to the world in one standard edition and one limited director's cut, of which we of course recommend the latter one.


"See, as usual, we refuse to add some stuff haphazardly to put together a limited product — we always see the larger version as the 'real' one; the one that makes us the proudest.


"The release is scheduled for early summer…"

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U slučaju da je promaklo:


"I am excited to announce that once again (as he did for our European Tour in 2001), DANIEL GILDENLOW of PAIN OF SALVATION will be joining TRANSATLANTIC as an additional touring member for our WHIRLD TOUR 2010!!"


Mike Portnoy



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Daniel Gildenlöw

Well, my phone is finally charged and online again so I am officially back :)


We had two amazingly fun weeks with this insane cirkus, and everyone involved has been great to us - we will look back on this ride with smiles on our faces. :)


And ok, it did suck to lose a little, but there are some positive things to focus o...n. We did good, we didn't compromise and still we delivered and reached people, touched quite a few. That's important. We lost to the one who would prove to be the winner of our entire round, so she obviously had very strong support, and that's just beyond our control - we did our part.


I was personally sad to see Pauline and Orsa leave, the finale would have needed their songs and originality - but I am still very glad to see Jessica win. She is a true queen all categories. I thought for sure that she would go straight to the finale from our first round a month back, and dude she is good! She has delivered without the slightest slip or hesitation every single rehearsal, and the song itself is strong too. A bit on the slow side though (just kidding)! :-D


We have had a crash course in media training too - I hope none of our Swedish fans believed a word of what the press claimed that we had said (or been drinking), but everyone who knows us will realize that instantly so I am not that worried. They just didn't care whether people got hurt, sad or misrepresented. Guess their mothers didn't teach them to be nice to people (or they simply taught them to be nice to people unless you get a job where you get paid NOT to be nice to people, which would be even worse, don't you think?). :)


Signing off, going to bed, surely failing to sleep...


nisam odoleo, a da ne dodam:


your melodifestivalen performance triggered my repressed homoeroticism.
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