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Below you have the 'official' blurb folks! It's taken a while to sort this out but we're all delighted to have Mr Gill on board for the recording. Tracking of the new songs starts this coming weekend…great stuff all round.








"Therapy? are pleased to name Andy Gill as the producer/mixer for their forthcoming album.


Andy has worked on a host of diverse projects as a musician, producer, mixer and songwriter (Gang Of Four, Killing Joke, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Futureheads, Young Knives, The Jesus Lizard) etc…


Versions of new songs like “The Head That Tried To Strangle Itself”, “Low Winter Sun”,” I Told You I Was Ill” and “Mingusisyphus” illustrate the classic mix of intense instrumentation and dark pop that has made Therapy? internationally renowned. Whilst most of their 90’s peers have been content to follow the options of rehash/reform/rollover, the UK trio have always carved their own unique musical furrow bolstered by a formidable live reputation and a stream of chart hits.




With the first half of 2008 spent writing and demoing, this exciting collaboration for Therapy?’s 12th album proposes to be a career defining one. The as yet untitled album is due for release on Demolition Records early 2009.


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dajte linkove za DL,al cele albume,podsetiste me na mladost,secam se teethgrinder-a,i Diane,a imam i snimak live Therapy & Sting - Next to youu,navatao na nekoj arapskoj tv,davne 95-96. nesecam se vise kad je bilo...potra zicu po VHS kasetama,pa da uploadujem na rs.com...

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Verovatno svi ovo imaju,al' ako se neko nadje u situaciji ko ja ,pre neki dan,evo na izvol'te



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Crooked Timber, is the tenth full-length album by the band Therapy?, and the first to be released on Demolition Records. It will be released on March 23, 2009. The album was recorded from July to August 2008 at Blast Studios, Newcastle. Produced by Andy Gill, the album is set to feature a bias towards rhythm rather than melody.


According the Andy Cairns; “I guess we’re always challenging just what makes us Therapy?. After so many years, if we were formulaic about it, we’d have gotten bored with the band long ago. The album was written together as a band, and each track has its own concept and inspirations. They took a while to write and we’ve taken our time to write them.”


“From the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made.” Immanuel Kant (18th-century German philosopher)


Andy explains: “The recording is about celebrating people’s quirks, the things which make us unique. These days everyone tries to fit it, instead of just being themselves. The songs examine what it means to be human - To realise that we are the only living things on the planet aware of our own deaths."


Track listing


All songs written by Therapy?


1. "Beercan"

2. "Black On Page"

3. "Clowns Galore"

4. "Crooked Timber"

5. "Don't Try"

6. "Enjoy The Struggle"

7. "Head Strangle"

8. "I Told You I Was Ill"

9. "Low Winter Sun"

10. "Somnambulist"

11. "Rite Of Spring"

12. "Magic Mountain"


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@Skullkrusher, da li si dobro preslusao njihovu diskografiju? Znam da ne moraju svakome da se dopadnu (ukusi su ipak razliciti) ali da su ti Infernal Love i High Anxiety iznad proseka....

Preslusaj bolje Never Apologise Never Explain (skoro hitican album kao i troublegum) pa onda Shameless koji daje cist omaz panku sa kraja 80-tih i melodicnom roku 90-ih, i slabi Semi-Detached na kojem nije ostao taj popast zvuk sa Infernal Love-a, ali su zato nastavili sa melodicnoscu, i kliseiziranim tekstovima...


Mislim da ce sledeci album u neku ruku biti bolji od recimo one cure fits all, koji mi nije bas legao, iako se i na njemu nalazi nekoliko pesama koje su mi se dopale (Rain hits concrete, Deluded Son, Private Nobody) verovatno im je falila rok energija sa High Anxiety i Never Apologise Never Explain....



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We’re really excited about getting these tracks heard and can't wait to play them live. We’ve spent enough time away now - it’s time to get involved. There’s always the risk of getting lazy and simply churning out what’s 'expected' or a 'safe bet' but that was never an option for ‘Crooked Timber’. Making the album was a great experience and now it's time to get back in peoples faces.


TPY? 2009


Full track listing of Crooked Timber:


1.The Head That Tried To Strangle Itself

2.Enjoy The Struggle

3.Clowns Galore


5.Crooked Timber

6.I Told You I Was Ill


8.Blacken The Page

9.Magic Mountain

10.Bad Excuse For Daylight





Izmenili prvobitne nazive pesama, cover za album je ocajan, nadam se da je ovo samo privremeni artwork...




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Italian grindcore enthusiasts Inferno have a new album called 'Pompa Magna' out soon, featuring a guest vocal spot for Andy Cairns on the track 'The Second Triumvirate of Lavonia'.


Check them out here:


www. myspace. com/infernogrindnroll

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Street date for the limited edition 12" white vinyl of "Crooked Timber" is 30th March.

Both the cd and vinyl can be pre-ordered from Global Music (should arrive on the day of release) and with most good online stockists (HMV/Play/Amazon etc).





Nikako da im procuri ovaj album, a što ga više čekam, sve veća očekivanja imam od istog. Shazzbot!

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Genre: Alt.Rock / Hard Rock
Info: [email protected] kbps; 82,6 mb; Ireland


1. The Head That Tried To Strangle Itself 3:25
2. Enjoy The Struggle 4:10
3. Clowns Galore 3:42
4. Exiles 5:36
5. Crooked Timber 5:52
6. I Told You I Was Ill 3:51
7. Somnambulist 4:05
8. Blacken The Page 2:47
9. Magic Mountain 10:05
10. Bad Excuse For Daylight 5:49



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cudo tebi neki album da bude dosadan.. taj isti komentar si napisao za prethodnih 10 albuma koje si komentarisao


meni je fin na prvo slusanje, ne znam da li ce mi drzati paznju

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hog killer:

dosadan u pichku materinu

Cune kaže:


hog killer kaže:

ceo neki mid pace tempo

hog killer kaže:

ni jedan hit

Cune kaže:

ne znam da li je to najgori album ikada

hog killer kaže:

nit tamo nit ovamo

Edited by Out Of Time

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