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[opste mesto]

bio ja. pookidali

[/opste mesto]


prejak komentar isto neki opste mesto avatar izgleda: "Uglavnom su svirali pesme sa poslednjeg albuma plus nekoliko starih (Brat moj, Ti, ki izzivas). Pesme Bossanova i See that my grave is kept clean (obe sa albuma 'Spectre') su svirali na bisu. Prvih nekoliko minuta je bio kolektivni napad panike zbog enormne buke (poslednja pesma sa 'Also Sprach Zarathustra') pracene vizuelnim efektima koji su se ludacki smenjivali! Covek iz mog reda je izasao napolje odmah nakon pesme jer 'ne sme zbog srca'! Tako da, vrlo, vrlo intenzivno, glasno i atmosfericno do kraja! Za pamcenje!"


nije pomenuo da su svirali dve glavne pesme s kapitala koje [om]oodvaljuju[/om]



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Laibach have announced a very special concert at the Bel Etage Music Hall in Kyiv, Ukraine on 31 March 2023 where they are set to be the first foreign band to perform a full show in the capital since the beginning of the war in February 2022.
While the rest of Europe prepares to celebrate its idea of freedom and solidarity on 9 May in Liverpool, Laibach will be taking Eurovision back to Ukraine - where it belongs and where the only true and real vision of Europe is taking place right now.
'Eurovision' is the name of the special concert programme by the renowned Slovenian band, and they will present some of their most anthemic songs alongside 'The Engine of Survival', a brand new track set for release in 2023.
With anthems and marches at the core of many of their compositions, Laibach have long compared themselves to military marching bands created to maintain high morale on the battlefield, and with this concert in Kyiv, Laibach supports Ukraine and Ukrainians in their fight against Russian, and any other, aggression.
All proceeds raised from the Kyiv concert will be donated to charity and animal aid working in Ukraine, full details to follow.

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