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Da se "Guessing Game" sastoji samo od od drugog diska, mogla bi lagano da mu se prikaci ocena 9. Ovako, slozicu se sa vec spomenutim, da ima previse materijala, a uz to i previse nepotrebnosti...

Daleko od toga da je prvi disk operisan od dobrih stvari, ali mi je nakon nekoliko slusanja, od toga da mi je on bio bolji, samo doslo do toga, da mi je taj vise ubijao zivce dok dodjem do drugog :] Drugi je jednostavno kompletan Cathedral, ima ekvilibrijuma, ima karavana... Jedino bih "Journeys Into Jade" izdvojio kao manje interesantnu, though ima kewl historijski tekst...


Prvi favourite - Casket Chasers :rockdevil: Obviously. Cini vrh sa "Running Man" (klavijature ovde dupli pogodak, alal kita Dorianu na ovoj) i "Requiem...". Sa prvog..."Death Of An Anarchist" mi je poprilicno dobra, "Cats..." iako goofy, vrlo simpaticna :]


Obozavam ovaj deo:


"I get up in the morning to face another day

A world obsessed with money, I gotta get away

So tired of people fighting everywhere I go

Too many faces frowning for no reason they know, no"


Sa druge strane, tu je "Funeral Of Dreams", pesma koja sama sebi puca u nogu, dobar refren, neki fini riffovi..ali svaki put kada Li krene da recituje prevrnem ocima. Wtf?

Tako da...sas sve nekim neporebstinama.. 7/10


Jesam malo razocaran, posebno jer im je trebalo ovoliko vremena, no kad se ocisti prasina ima tu svetlosti. Ali najbitnija stvar - videti cu ih uzivo :rockdevil:


Shoot me out of the sky...

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Nadjoh set od 29. aprila, headlining:



Funeral of Dreams

Painting In The Dark


North Berwick Witch Trials

The Carnival Bizarre

Death of An Anarchist

Cats, Incense, Candles & Wine

Serpent Eve

The Casket Chasers



Hopkins (Witchfinder General)



Malo previse sa novog, da je barem jos neka sa drugog diska...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Cathedral Concert at Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg, Sweden Setlist on June 12,


1. Funeral of Dreams

2. Enter the Worms

3. North Berwick Witch Trials

4. Utopian Blaster

5. Cosmic Funeral

6. Carnival Bizarre

7. The Casket Chasers

8. Corpse Cycle

9. Hopkins (Witchfinder General)

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  • 7 months later...

After a twenty-one-year career, British doom/stoner veterans CATHEDRAL have announce their "retirement" from the scene. The band will make its exit from the live arena at the end of this year and plans to record one final studio album to be released in 2012.


Commented vocalist Lee Dorrian; "It's simply time for us to bow out. Twenty one years is a very long time and it's almost a miracle that we managed to come this far!


"We've had a great time during CATHEDRAL's existence and it has literally been our life. It's just time to move on and leave our recorded legacy to linger".

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jbg, verovatno je mesavina brdo razloga, sto licnih, sto muzickih.


kad bi svi bili kao Isis, muzika bi mnogo bolja bila po meni.


skapiras da si odsvirao to sto si zeleo da odsviras sa tim bendom, zavrsis sa tim pa ides dalje.


mogli su oni da snime jos 20 albuma na fazon poslednjih par, ali zasto bi? Kao Deicide da nastavljaju, pa da izadje album i svi na yumetalu da kazu "dobar je, ali nista specijalno", ili "odlican album" pa da zaborave da je postojao nakon dve nedlje... zasto onda snimaju?


bedak je sto su oni jedni u hiljadu koji kontaju to na taj nacin.

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Vreme je bilo da odu. Poslednji album je bio blaži i razočaravajuć, po mom mišljenju, razvučen i malo izgubljen u mnoštvu ideja od kojih nisu sve bile vredne snimanja. Dugo već sviraju, neka sada snime do jaja album i napuste scenu dostojanstveno. Šro reče Laza, potrebno je više takvih ljudi i bendova u svetu muzike.

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According to The Quietus, seminal U.K. doom metal act CATHEDRAL will play its last-ever show on December 3 at the London Kentish Town Forum. Support will be provided by kindred spirits GRAND MAGUS, COMUS, and GENTLEMAN'S PISTOLS. The band will record one final studio album entitled "The Last Spire", to be released in 2012 as a follow-up to last year's "The Guessing Game". There will be no live shows to support the album, as frontman Lee Dorrian claims that it's time for CATHEDRAL to "move on" and hopes "to leave our recorded legacy to linger."


When asked if he feels he has achieved all he could with CATHEDRAL, Dorrian told The Quietus, "Yes, way beyond what we ever thought we could achieve, to be honest. For a start, when we first formed the band, we seriously never saw beyond making a demo. What we were doing was purely out of love for our favorite doom metal bands, and they were so few and far between. To have had the opportunity to develop as a band and follow our own path has been nothing short of a miracle in the face of adversity. We had no plan, we just let it happen and we are utterly grateful to the people that have supported us, enabling it to come this far."


Regarding what his happiest and weirdest memories are from being the frontman of CATHEDRAL, Dorrian said, "So many things, not just being the frontman but being part of it. When me and Gaz first got the band together, we had no idea that we would become friends with members of WITCHFINDER GENERAL, TROUBLE, THE OBSESSED, PENTAGRAM, et cetera. Tony Iommi [bLACK SABBATH] actually played on one of our albums. These are things that mean the world to us above any kind of commercial success."


Read more from The Quietus.

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Odavno su to najavili, što si se sada raspekmezio? Ja se nadam da će taj poslednji album da razbije i dostojno zatvori priču o bendu koji me je svojevremeno uveo u stoner metal.

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Seminal U.K. doom metal act CATHEDRAL has issued the following update:


"Regrettably, CATHEDRAL will be withdrawing from their planned appearance at this year's Hammer Of Doom festival [set to take place October 28-29 at Posthalle in Würzburg, Germanymag-glass_10x10.gif). This is due to the use of animal blood as part of the stage show of one of the other bands on the bill. We do not condone nor endorse this type of activity, and in fact we are very much opposed to it.


"We would like to apologize sincerely to any of our fans who were expecting to see us at Hammer Of Doom, but we feel very strongly about this issue and therefore felt we had no alternative but to withdraw."


Hammer Of Doom festival billing:





MOUNTAINmag-glass_10x10.gif THRONE









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