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John Rambo


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Odobreno :)




"Back to the old school baby, real action how it should be done, no PG-13 bullshit here!"



"He rips the guys throat out with his bare hands, HAHAHAHHAA. god this shit is gonna be good"



"this is the sort of shit he would have been doing in the jungles of vietnam before first blood,big guns and knifes killing every cunt in sight now this is the rambo we all want"



"Holy shit ! 50 % Rambo, 50 % jason 100 % WAR MACHINE "




I may have just died of excessive AWESOMENESS"



"They should do a movie with just Rambo and his bow mass murdering people in the forest."



"Chuck Norris is a piece of shit compared to RAMBO!"



"Stallone is the most hardcore senior citizen since Bob Barker. "


"In 2008 one man will release his genocidal rage on the entire Burmese nation. That man is John Rambo."



ju ju... :)

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Ako za Ramba 4 nije neka buva)


Jedno vreme se prichalo da ce da juri teroriste (srbe) po kosovu ali su od toga odustali.... :ph34r: a sada se pricha da ce da on bude pop koji ce da juri gusare ili neshto tome slichno...


Evo vam link pa se informishite...



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Ниједан део осим првог ми се није свидео, тако да не верујем ни да ће овај... ако га уопште и направе.

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Znachi danas sasvim sluchajno u'vatih trejler na tva...ne znam...prva 3 dela, nijedan nema neku value, za mene jedino neku nostalgicharsku jer sam ih k'o klinac obrtao po 300 puta na kasetama :) totalno paljevinski..ali..novi Roki, novi Rambo...propao je Silvester.

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