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Bonded By Blood


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Rising out of Pomona, in the Los Angeles, Ca. outer suburbs, Bonded by Blood have rapidly emerged as one of the youngest (average age just 18) and arguably one of most proficient of the New Thrash wave of acts pouring out of that city in recent times. Formed in the summer of 2005 by a 17 year old hardcore-punk-thrash driven vocalist (Aladdin), he soon teamed up with like-minded young guitar shredders (Alex Lee and Juan Boogie), then found a drummer influenced by more classic metal (Carlos Cervesa), and finally added a bassist who was more than a little "out there " (RuDo) to round out the line-up.


Although partly influenced by different styles of music, they all met through a love of one genre: THRASH METAL. Having one major fave band in common - namely, 80's Thrash stalwarts- Exodus, they decided to name themselves after the bands genre-defining classic debut. Thus, Bonded by Blood was born. Ironically, none of band were actually born when the album first hit the racks back in 1985!


The band's prowess was noticed when they won first place in the TNT productions battle of the bands at Riverside, which included over 250 bands. That was no mean feat in a notoriously competitive LA scene- but as a young band starting at the bottom of the food chain, Bonded By Blood knew a solid practise regime was required to hone their razor sharp riffs with one single purpose- to become a respected LA thrash metal band, perhaps one worthy of eventually following in the footsteps of the 'Big 4' Thrash acts of the 80s.


Time will tell, but 2 decades on from the origination of the genre, the big 4 have since become part of the regular metal mainsteam, leaving legions of fans starved of the Old-school thrash vibes. Bonded By Blood aim to change all that - and hence lead the pack of bands playing old-school Thrash but with an added energy, fun and youthful vigour, with a modern twist all of their own making. Bonded By Blood are no mere 80's rehash.


After playing a countless number of shows in a short amount of time, BBB began to gather genuine momentum, rapidly amassing a rabid LA fan base, helping the band to play their part in putting the LA New Thrash Wave on the map as undoubtedly one of the most exciting, fast-rising scenes currently in metal. Word spread, and they soon shared the stage with Testament, Flotsam and Jetsam, Sadus, and recently got to play main support to their heroes - Exodus.


Recording-wise, 2006 saw the release of their first demo, 'Four Pints of Blood', which finally showed what Bonded by Blood was all about. BBB got attention from many more fans after promoting that release. August 2007 saw BBB's 'Extinguish the Weak' self-released EP hit the web and the streets, resulting in instant acclaim from the awaiting hordes of thrash fanatics, and label interest was swift to follow, as the spotlight had by then begun to shine on the burgeoning LA Thrash scene.


Weeks before the EP was released however, Bonded by Blood had received an offer from the label which is doing the most to put the new Thrash wave of acts on the global map- Earache Records. So, naturally, in September of 2007, Bonded by Blood and Earache inked for a long-term worldwide recording deal.


The debut Bonded By Blood album is slated for release on Earache during early 2008. Watch this space.





2007 Extinguish The Weak EP


Mlad bend koji pici cisti oktanski thrash,naziv benda je sam dokaz da postuju stare thrash vrednosti.EP traje citavih 16 minuta sa samo 6 pesama koje ce vas razdrmati,jos bih dodao da je 6 pesma obrada tema nindza kornjaca :lol:


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Bonded By Blood Set to Record Debut



New-school L.A. thrashers BONDED BY BLOOD are set to record their debut Earache release "Feed the Beast" with producer Michael Rosen. Rosen, who has worked with the likes of TESTAMENT, VIO-LENCE, SADUS, JOE SATRIANI and DEATH ANGEL, will begin working with the band in the New Year.


Commented BONDED BY BLOOD vocalist Aladdin: "It feels freaking awesome. He has produced and engineered some of my favorite bands — TESTAMENT, VIO-LENCE and SADUS — and now BONDED BY BLOOD. It's like a dream come true. 'Feed the Beast' is sure to be one kick-ass album".


BONDED BY BLOOD will commence recording "Feed the Beast" on January 11, 2008 at J Street Recorders (TESLA) in Sacramento, California. The album's track listing is as follows:


01. Immortal Life

02. Feed The Beast

03. The Evil Within

04. Another Disease

05. Unusual Punishment

06. Vengeance

07. To A Sickening Degree

08. Strike Of Fear

09. Sounds Of Torture

10. Necropsy

11. Self-Immolation

12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Theme Song (bonus track)

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Деби албум и ни мање ни више него Мајкл Розен за продуцента... Боли хи уво.


Али, кад сам знао да су сви Мексиканци...

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Ne znam bash, nisam zagledao iste :)


al' ovaj entitet je nekako ravan..u stvari, sad kad gledam sliku, ima circa 2 koja mogu da prodju kao zensko..a i to sve krenulo od grobove teorije da im vokal female, o chemu ne nadjosmo nikakav info :)


PS. Mrzim izaraz "mukica" k'o idiotsko koriscenje slova 'w'.

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Аладин... мора да му је ћаћа из Босне. ;)

Ма, мушђко је, ипак је оно мексиканац, а њима се жене баш разликују од мушкараца. Још само да га чујем како (за)пева.

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