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Ne mogu da verujem i ova tema obrisana.....


Ali tuzne okolnosti su me naterale da otvorim ovu temu :(


2. januara posle skoro godinu ipo dana borbe sa opakom bolescu (rak je u pitanju), preminuo je Ben Marlin, basista ovog usa benda, nije dugo bio u bendu ali ucestvovao je u snimanju meni veoma dragog albuma She Lay Gutted :(


ne mogu sad da pisem nesto opsirnije o bendu.....ima dana....


Ben (RIP) je na bukletu dole desno......

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American death metallers DISGORGE are hard at work on their fifth full-length album, "And The Weak Shall Perish", for a late 2011 release via Unique Leader Records. The band, which had been on hiatus since 2006, is recording the new CD with the following lineup:


* Levi Fuselier - Vocals

* Ricky Myers - Drums

* Erik Lindmark (DEEDS OF FLESH) - Guitar



Songtitles set to appear on "And The Weak Shall Perish" include:


* "Through Mutilation Comes Salvation"

* "Of Maggots And Decay"

* "Embalmed In Cryptic Fluid"

* "Plagued By Faith"

* "Saints Of Genocide"

* "Vomiting The Larvae"

* "Erosion Of Mortality"

* "And The Weak Shall Perish"

* "Tomb Of Diabolical Manifestations"

* "Deranged Epidemic" (re-recording)


Commented Myers: "First let me start by apologizing to DISGORGE fans around the world for the long period of time we took off. The passing of [bassist] Ben [Marlin in 2008 following a battle with cancer] hit us all hard and was very difficult to accept.


"When someone passes on that is close to you that you played music with toured and worked with, they become family and I was unable to move on as quickly as others. I could not see myself playing the songs that me, Ben and Diego [sanchez, guitar] worked so hard on to look over and not to see Ben there playing with us.


"I will never be over the passing of Ben, but I know he would want DISGORGE to move on and that is what we are doing.


"Unfortunately, Diego will not be a part of the new album; he has other projects going on. I have the utmost respect for Diego, he is like a brother to me and he was a huge part of DISGORGE and my life but I must continue what I have known for nineteen years and that is DISGORGE.


"When DISGORGE was formed in 1992, we set out to make the most brutal music we could and nothing will ever change that no matter who is playing the instruments. This album will be no different. It will be some of the sickest and fastest work ever laid down by DISGORGE.


"There will be a lot of questions, so let me start by saying this: Yes, DISGORGE will be touring, and yes, DISGORGE will be playing old songs, songs you haven't seen DISGORGE play before.


"We are all very excited about this and we can't wait for fans to be gutted once again."

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