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Sculptor is new name on Serbian metal scene, they were familiar before under the monicker Inhuman Form, and that band was playing tribute to immortal Death, but members decided to start more engaging and serious work and thus Sculptor was born. “The Verdict”, their first demo, was handed to me at Morbid Angel gig by their handsome guitar player, and beside recording this work, the guys were active at gigs. So, it is clear to you that we have very young band here so let’s go and see what they have to offer... Sculptor members describe their music as experimental DM, and that is the most appropriate description, really. They are not trying to copy any single well known force but rather they want to pave their own, new path; the thing that is a bit unusual for our domestic scene where the tribute bands gather the biggest crowds, sad but true... Don’t let the “experimental” tag scare you away, as Sculptor doesn’t make uncomprehensable and schizoid song arrangements or use whatever style possible, instead tracks are rather nicely sculptured (no pun intended) although they don’t follow classic “verse-chorus” formula. Sculptor just let their inspiration work for itself. If I could make some comparisons with some familiar groups, it would most certainly be later Death and Atheist circa “Unquestionable Presence”. Death influence is more than understandable, considering the background of the band, and you can feel it in riffing and fucking great melodic solo department mostly, but also in vox of Ur (btw, he reminds me from time to time on Ron from Coroner). You probably got the drift, the guy uses comprehendable shouting and occasional screaming. Atheist can be heard in not ordinary and sometimes unpredictable song developments, and I feel that the sole mentioning of these two giant bands should be more than appealing to you, right? Also, I have the information that they try to link their lyrics to music as close as possible, unfortunately I haven’t read them as they are not included with the demo... This fact too tells a lot about a determination and serious attitude of this (still) fresh band, and it is a thing for true respect, really. Although some riffs here and there can sound a little uninspiring to you, due to the fact that they can remind you of the stuff from f.ex. Death, I feel that this can be linked to their young age. Things about their stance that I stated above are the most important; the will to create and not to copy, and their craft will hopefully get better with time, so it can be forgiven. Also I have one more complaint... The material was recorded in Chainroom studio, one of the most famous places to record Metal here in Serbia, but it is mostly visited by more modern bands. I do not feel that its sound did justice to “The Verdict” as it crave a bit more for “older” sound, so to say. Guitars should be just a tad bit rawer, and drum sound is really weak – it sounds like a goddamn rhythm machine, for fuck’s sake! So let’s hope that this will be corrected for their future stuff, as they are already in process of creating and recording their debut album “Forming...”, which will be conceptual work. Sculptor is searching for the label to release it, and if you got interested due to this shitty scribble of mine you can download “The Verdict” here: http://rapidshare.com/files/122887342/Scul...D_2008.rar.html (it is OK to share this link as the guys themselves are doing it). Check out this promising act.




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