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Молим вас, без плакања.

Uneven je osvojio PRVO MESTO na Gitarijadi u Ratkovu! Konkurencija je bila ozbiljna i kvalitetna i čestitke moraju ići i svim ostalim bendovima, pogotovo sastavima Pry i Infidel koji su osvojili dru

Konacno novi demo Unevena, God's Anger dostupan preko sledecih linkova:   http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZTPR9WRF (Flac format, kvalitet bez gubitaka, za one sa dobrom vezom)   http://www.megauploa

A evo jos malo recenzija :)




While reading their “Bio”, where this Serbian progressive band is mentioning the use of odd rhythms in their music, and stating Dream Theater as one of their main influences, I was prepared to be confronted with just another ‘over-technical’, ‘no-mistakes allowed’, and, finally, ‘boring’ piece of work. Fortunately this is not the case here. Their music, as presented in this demo, although obviously walking in more technical fields, incorporates the desired heaviness and straightforward Thrash (the Iced Earth way!) riffs that keep the ensemble of sounds ‘down to Earth’. Their other Muse besides Metal, comes from the areas of folk music, mainly Balkan. This isn’t done in some “Baltic (or else) Pagan Folk Black” way where the two kinds of music have distinctive roles, but, rather, they do it in the same way as Iron Maiden’s ‘Nomad’; the whole song to be based on folk rhythms (basic ones, so to be played by a Metal band). Probably their extensive coverage of their native folk songs has left its mark.

Another mark is left by the band’s name! The material in “Vrizno Kolo” is, indeed, ‘uneven’! There are parts here that are surprisingly good and force the listener to whistle the melodies after some ‘auditions’ of the album. This applies to most of the songs, especially when the guitars build themes and solos in twin-lead fashion or provide headbanging rhythms every now and then. Some choruses are, also, fun; examples being “Nights in the Club” and “USSR”. A fairly good production helps the outcome to sound strong and confident.

On the other hand, there were moments here that flirted with getting on my nerves. I guess, the mixing of too many elements together can ruin the final result. You can’t sound like a melodic Power-Metal band and a schizoid System of a Down-like nu band (listen to the tail-end parts of “USSR” and “Fire in the Hole”) together, in less than 4 minute-long songs! You’re then left with a product that resembles an Andy Warhol’s poster in the ruins of a Gothic chapel! Some people might like that, but I don’t! The vocal lines also, kind of, diminish quite often, the final result; which is a pity considering the enjoyable music that accompanies them. It’s not that the singer is bad, but the fusion doesn’t work out very well. An example to that is the s/t song “Uneven” where the childish repetitiveness of 20 words crosses the borders of tolerance.

All in all, it’s an interesting demo, with nice melodies and has definitely its moments. There are elements here that can, for sure, push the band further in their future compositions, but there are, also, aspects that need to be bettered in order to present a piece of work worthy of their potential.


PS. The lyrics to “Nights in the Club” is what Nikki Sixx would have written on his school desk!




Serbian metal band Uneven was created when two musicians got together to combine metal and their native music. They completed their lineup shortly there after when they found others with the same musical interests.


Uneven’s name comes from their use of odd time signatures, much of which is from their Balkan music influence where some time signatures can be considered “uneven.” Their music overall is traditional heavy metal with flavor from Balkan ethno music, a bit of a thrashy edge, and progressive technicality. This all culminates to their five-songs demo “Vrzino Kolo”.


Starting off this demo is a two-minutes instrumental intro, which sets the vibe for these five-tracks and seventeen minutes. Throughout the demo you will hear powerful leads, some nice solos, and lots of good guitarwork. The majority stays heavy metal vibe, but they also worked some acoustic guitarwork into the demo.


Drums are more than adequate. They keep the odd time signatures going at a good pace with adequate fills and beats.


Clean vocals for the most part (besides an occasional scream or yelling vocal). They are done pretty straightforward.


All of the lyrics are done in English to make the lyrical content more comprehensible to the diverse nature of the Balkans and the world in general. Topics written include dark humor, social issues, war, politics, and other worldwide themes.


They seem to be a tight group musically. Production is damn good for a demo. It’s not perfect, but much better than what most people would think for a demo.


The majority of the music on “Vrzino Kolo” is written pretty well. However there are a few parts that seem a little dull at times. It just simply lacks a spark. Most of the guitarwork makes up for it though.


You don’t often see a promising metal band from Serbia, but with Uneven now on the job, they will seek to buck that trend. Nice start gentlemen!


Rating: 75

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I jos recenzija, bas ih ima u zadnje vreme :)

Ovaj put Nocturne magazin


Uneven – Vrzino Kolo (Demo)


Bez ikakvog ustručavanja, već na samom početku recenzije moram reći da zaista odavno, ne samo na našoj već i na stranoj metal sceni, nisam čuo nešto ovako osvežavajuće i novo!

Čemu ovoliko oduševljene pitate se? Iz jednog veoma jednostavnog razloga – ovi momci su uspeli da zaista stvore jednu unikatnu vrstu muziku, spajajući balkanske etno ritmove i metal muziku! Najbliže i najjednostavnije rečeno – Vlatko Stefanovski meets heavy metal  I to ne samo u smislu vrste muzike, već zaista i po kvalitetu sviranja. Izuzetno teške neparne ritmove po kojima je i bend dobio ime, momci iz Unevena sviraju kao od šale, tehnički precizno i uigrano.

Za sada bend iza sebe ima samo jedno izdanje, demo snimak pod nazivom Vrzino Kolo. Iako samo demo snimak, kvalitet snimka je zaista fenomenalan i može da se poredi sa bilo kojim regularnim stranim full lenght izdanjem. Jedina zamerka može se uputiti na vokal, koji je zaista u nekim delovima pesama slabiji, pogotvu kada je neophodno izvući neke visoke tonove.

Međutim čak i ovaj mali nedostatak ne može da pokvari jedan opšti utisak, koji čovek stekne slušajući ovaj demo, a to je da po prvi put posle dužeg vremena na domaćoj metal sceni imamo bend koji itekako zavređuje puno pažnje.

Ako vam se svidelo šta je Emir Hot prošle godine uradio sa svojim Sevdah Metalom, obavezno se potrudite da poslušate Uneven i osetite pravi etno metal!


Ocena 9/10


Ivan Zaletel

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Zdravo drugari, zivi smo, mnogo pijemo, radimo na novim pesmama i obradama, u medjuvremenu treba nam vasa podrska, glasajte za nas na sledecim adresama:


http://www.blrockopen.com (samo dva klika je potrebno)


http://www.metalcamp.com/ (Potrebno je registrovati se, pa je tek onda moguce upisati glas)



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Фајар ин да хооол...



Ех да никако да уделим комплимент и вама и Астраллису на оном сивом миљеу на мајспејсу вам. Одлично је испало.

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Recenzija sa www.archaicmetallurgy.com



Sometimes, even though way too seldom, fresh-sounding metal can be heard. Serbia's Uneven are of this rare breed. The band mixes Balkan ethno music with heavy metal in the way I've never heard before.


The folk music influence is clearly heard on some chord patterns as well as in odd rhythms, like 7/8 or 11/8. Uneven rhythms, and that's where the band's name originates from. The instrumental opener 'Vrzino Kolo' is a fine example of non-rock rhythm based song-craft, and its heavy/thrash metal guitar work is very catchy, thanks to its folky roots. 'Nights in the Club' is like the Serbian version of Skyclad; hellishly catchy, joyful piece of folky heavy metal. 'USSR' is a dark heavy metal song with thrashy edge, and let's not forget that ethno music element. 'Uneven' is music-wise similar to the opener, but nursery rhyme lyrics add another dimension to it. 'Fire in the Hole' is the heaviest song on offer with its shredding riffage and hefty tom drum beats.


The vocals are very varying. Various styles of clean singing and shouting can be heard. The voice or the skills of the vocalist are not the best, but he totally puts his soul into it. The lyrics are about war, politics, and other social isues, so it is no surprise that the vocals are so into it when remembering the history of the band's homeland. And that also transpires from the instrumentalists. Everything is rigorously performed, but the sound job with guitar string sounds left untouched, let's it breathe.


At the end of the day, these five songs are a bit too much from the same mould, as the ethno rhythms are present throughout the demo. However, it still is a fresh gust in the world of heavy metal. The band sound fully ready for the album, especially is they can provide more comprehensive musical appearance.



A da, sledeca svirka 22-og living rum, Demo Masters polufinale :pivopije:

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