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Evo jos jedna recenzija....


Pollution - Promo. Promo-CD 2008.

(Promo CD for the upcoming split with Deadly Mosh on Terror Blast Production. Recorded in mid-august 2008, in studio Fatality.)

These incredible thrash maniacs are hailing from Belgrade/Nova Pazova, Serbia. They are really talented, young musicians hungry for Thrash pollution all over the world! I can easily notice that they will somehow succeed in that, they are still on the beginning of the road, but they already have the attitude that’s right and needed to preserve yourself and your ideology and to deserve respect among this Metal community!

The 1st song is actually intro called “Absolute Pollution”, its instrumental and full of really catchy guitar riffs that possess you. Especially because you think they will sound simple, but they somehow manage to stick under your skin :) It’s a great way of telling you what is coming next. You will easily notice the way Pollution want to play with you, on the fast/slow game :) The bass line is tight and strong here, the drums sound like they are following the order, but they still kind of dominate. It’s really interesting sound that captures you for whole 2:43 minutes.

“Manic Depression” is a really old-school Thrash Metal song; even the lyrics are that way! ”She is coming home, husband holding the knife, ready to cut her throat, saw is prepared, plastic bag too, he got rid of the body in the minute or two” I am really amazed from these guys, from their entire way of keeping the true Thrash Metal in the vein of Sodom, Kreator, Testament, Exodus, Vio-lence, Whiplash, Tankard. It’s unbelievable, really, in my opinion it’s too hard to find relatively new Thrash Metal bands who don’t “spice” up the Thrash with some Death or Black Metal influences, but Pollution is all about Speed and Thrash, all about the old-school way! Hails and true respect for that!

Anyway back to the review now ;) the 3rd song is called “Violator” and although I’ve read this song title maybe too many times, I can guarantee you will like this song. “Violator” is my favorite song from them (so far) reminds me to great times :) I like Bane’s vocals here more then I like back on “Manic Depression” The atmosphere that this song gives you, it’s outstanding! Even in the first 10 seconds you know you are dealing with real Thrash pollution! The song is just made for mosh-pits, I don’t think anyone can stand still on this song! ;) well if I get the chance to see them live, I will prove that! hahahahaha The last song on this promo CD for the upcoming split, is “our way”. The first 2 riffs of this song remind me of one old Punk band (which I won’t mention it here). Like every other Thrash Metal band, Pollution does the same. “Our way” is that hymn you will sing, the song you will play to teach everyone what Thrash Metal is about, thrashing, drinking and party all night! Of course that comes after the support and dominating! :) All for one, one for all, all for the beer! :) You will hear about Pollution in the close future, I am sure of it!


Kate (www.minacious.org)

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da posle sam cuo od drugih ljudi da je zvuk na prva dva benda bio los(!?)

al ja nisam to bas provalio

meni je bilo solidno na oba benda...ne znam sta je bio problem


a bez brige i nadimac je imao problema,hahahah cora se slogirao od temperature 39,2 ;)

al neka


bila je fina svirka


bic ih jos

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Brate raspali smo se,koji ti je :):):)

Toliko je bio los zvuk da se nije ni izvalilo koliko smo se raspali,strasno

Не буди луд, звук је био толика буља да се ништа није проваљивало. Могао је и креатор да свира, са онаквим звуком не би личило ни на шта.

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Ljudi, da nije neko greskom ili ne greskom icon_smile.gif pokupio jedan crni adapter koji ne moze da se prikljuci ni nasta drugo osim na kameru? Ja sam snimao kamerom Nadimac i punjac je bio ustekan iza gitarskog/bas bojacala pa, ako neko nesto zna, vidi ili cuje, leba vam javite se... icon_smile.gif 0640913412

Pozdrav! pivopije.gif


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