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Neal Gaiman & Amanda Palmer, venčani <3  

Kratak film od 8 minuta koji je režirao Gejmen. Amanda Palmer ima jednu od glavnih uloga.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0Hhh2rQXl8&feature=related

Mozda hakovali izdavacev hdd?

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'Do I censor myself? The only time I think was when I was doing a book Outrageous Tales From The Old Testament of bible adaptations. I adapted a bunch of stories from the Book Of Judges for it and in my script for the artist, there is a scene where there is a particularly horrible rape and murder of two girls. I asked the artist to make it as horrible as it probably would have been - I said do not make this erotic, do not make it in any way sweet or nice; this is the people of a village raping two women and killing them at the end. The artist went overboard enough that he upset the people at the publishing house and they said “we are not prepared to publish this”. Another artist came in and drew a still unpleasant, but not as unpleasant as the last one, rape scene, illustrating a bible story. I think it’s interesting that the only thing of mine that we’ve actually gone in and just amended because it was too strong and too unpleasant was a literal telling of a story in the bible.'




PS sam sto nije dobio bebu

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Netflix’s official casting for “The Sandman” is included below:

TOM STURRIDGE is DREAM, Lord of the Dreaming


VIVIENNE ACHEAMPONG is LUCIENNE, chief librarian and trusted guardian of Dream’s realm

BOYD HOLBROOK is THE CORINTHIAN, an escaped nightmare who wishes to taste all that the world has in store

CHARLES DANCE is RODERICK BURGESS, Charlatan, blackmailer and magician

ASIM CHAUDHRY is ABEL and SANJEEV BHASKAR is CAIN, the first victim and the first predator, residents and loyal subjects of the Dream Realm.

Jebena politička korektnost. 🤮

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Dream nije problem, hej čak ni Lucifer nije problem jer je i fora, ali brate Abel I Kain su prokleti indusi. Jedva čekam kako će da izmasakriraju ostale karaktere sa objavama. 😆

Imam predosećaj da će Death da bude Meksikanka, cha cha cha!

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