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Na Frubijevo insistiranje postujem ovo:



"Will you ever play in Serbia again? Explain rumors for once…"



"Of course, with another promoter, not with that Branko asshole… He didn’t pay us and he didn’t pay other bands which played at his festival. We promised to keep quiet and he will pay us in a month or so. And after we played the other bands played too. And he never called or paid, us or any other band! Then later there was an option to play Serbia again and he told us that he would give us the money he owes us. We came to Serbia and he had no money again.

If he dies tomorrow I would come and piss on his fucking grave! He’s a cheater and he lies to the bands. And if I ever see him he would be beaten that’s for sure! Before him no one has ever cheated on us, and after him we don’t believe to anyone.

We need to destroy this bastard! he brings only problems for serbia!!! arrgh!;)"

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KRALJ KRALJ !!! :)))



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Ovo me podseti - je l' ispratio neko onaj "girlie fight" dva Toma - Angelripper-a i Warrior-a? Pičkarali se k'o curice po novinama pre nekog vremena.


"To celebrate the release of his new band's recent "Shatter" EP, Decibel magazine sent TRIPTYKON/ex-CELTIC FROST guitarist/vocalist Tom Gabriel Fischer (a.k.a. Tom G. Warrior) seven MP3s, each identified only by title, and asked him to give his opinion on every single track. Among them was "Hellfire", a brand new song from German thrash metal veterans SODOM, about which Fischer said, "Sounds, to me, like a third-rate SLAYER copy with a bad accent and embarrassing lyrics."


In a 2006 interview with the German webzine Terrorverlag, SODOM frontman Thomas "Tom Angelripper" Such was equally unkind when asked for his opinion on CELTIC FROST's comeback attempt, claiming that the Fischer-fronted group was not worthy of the attention it was being given at the time by the metal media and fans alike.


"I don't know what to think about that," Such said. "The last few albums they released as CELTIC FROST were crap. OK, I'm sure that they are making a great [new] album [The interview was conducted prior to the release of CELTIC FROST's 'Monotheist'. — Ed.], but I can't really trust them, coming back after all these years. . . Now they're getting a huge push, playing as headliners at the Wacken Open Air and Rock Hard Open Air festivals. We in SODOM have been playing and working our asses off non-stop for 25 years and we've never been invited to play the Rock Hard Festival! That really sucks! Maybe we should take a break for 15 years and then come back in wheelchairs. I'm sure then we would get a chance to play at some of those festivals!"

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Meni je vala bolji od Metal discharge i Devolution, tu negde sa Inventorom, ne prilazi Antihristu i All hell breaks loose a stare i da ne uvodim u priču. Recimo da je OK album i ništa više, baš to - nit' smeta nit' diže na noge (sem u nekim momentima).

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Destruction pro-shot snimak nekog koncerta iz Kolumbije:



01. Curse The Gods

02. Mad Butcher

03. Armageddonizer

04. Hate Is My Fuel

05. Eternal Ban

06. Thrash Till Death

07. Nailed To The Cross

08. Bestial Invasion


09. Total Desaster

10. Invincible Force

11. The Butcher Strikes Back

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