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ok su naslovi,ali nista specijalno..mada ni rom 5:12 naslovi pesama mi nisu bili nista specijalno kada sam citao prvi put,a kada sam preslusao album odusevio sam se..no i dalje imam neki los osecaj oko ovog albuma i mislim da nece biti nista specijalno.nadam se da se varam..

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Da budem precizniji - Rom512 meets Maranatha. Morgan jeste glavni u bendu, ali se vidi promjena od kad je Mortuus stigao. Plus rade u istom studiju(Endarker), isti im je producent (Devo)..

Inace su snimili 10 albuma za ovih 19 godina koliko postoje, i to kakvih albuma. Nema sto, zive legende :rockdevil:

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"Wormwood" track listing:


01. Nowhere, No-One, Nothing

02. Funeral Dawn

03. This Fleshly Void

04. Unclosing The Curse

05. Into Utter Madness

06. Phosphorous Redeemer

07. To Redirect Perdition

08. Whorecrown

09. Chorus Of Cracking Necks

10. As A Garment


Jebote, odslusacu ovaj album samo zbog naslova pesama :D


"Chours Of Cracking Necks" :rockdevil:

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The release date of Wormwood has been set for the 24th of September for both Europe and the USA. Other terriotries may differ a bit. Listening sessions for the press will be held in connection with the Party San Open Air Festival on the 7th of August. Most important metal media has been invited for the first offical listening of the forthcoming album. Another listening session will be held in New York when Marduk are over there in August.


treba dochekati !!

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