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Killing Joke

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Posle svega što se dešava poslednjih dana naježim se pri pomenu "health issues".


Dear Gatherers and friends. It is with great sadness and regret that due to some health issues for one of the band we will not be able to embark on our 2016 U.S. Tour.

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Ko ce ga znati. Znas i sam kakvi su Exitasi, neke aktove najave mesec dana pre festivala. U svakom slucaju, informacija je proverena, spremajte se. Gledao sam ih 2 puta uzivo, jedni od boljih koncerata koje sam gledao.

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Malicious Damage: Live At The Astoria (2019)

1 Communion
2 Requiem
3 Total Invasion
4 Wardance
5 Blood On Your Hands
6 Change
7 Seeing Red
8 The Fall Of Because
9 Follow The Leaders
10 The Death And Resurrection Show
11 Kings And Queens
12 Empire Song
13 The Wait
14 Whiteout
15 Frenzy
16 Pssyche
17 Asteroid
18 Pandemonium


Live DVD from Killing Joke recorded at the legendary Astoria Theatre London 12.10.03. featuring the line up of Jazz Coleman, Geordie, Paul Raven and Ted Parsons.





Live in Berlin (2019)

01. Love Like Blood
02. European Super State
03. Autonomous Zone
04. Eighties
05. New Cold War
06. Requiem
07. Follow the Leaders
08. Bloodsport
09. In Cythera
10. Butcher
11. Loose Cannon
12. Labyrinth
13. Corporate Elect
14. Asteroid
15. The Wait
16. Pssyche
17. S.O.36
18. Change
19. Turn to Red
20. The Death & Resurrection Show
21. Wardance
22. Pandemonium



Kad smo već tu evo i Pandemonium Japanac iz 1995.



01. Pandemonium (6:41)
02. Exorcism (7:27)
03. Millennium (5:35)
04. Communion (6:57)
05. Black Moon (5:20)
06. Labyrinth (5:55)
07. Jana (4:06)
08. Whiteout (5:43)
09. Pleasures Of The Flesh (5:42)
10. Mathematics Of Chaos (7:24)
11. Exorcism (Live In The King's Chamber Cairo August 1993 Mix) (5:19)
12. Another Cult Goes Down (Portobello Mix) (6:11)


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