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ok, ajmo opet redom:

kada bukiras bend, bukiras ga u vecem broju slucajeva PRE turneje, a vrlo cesto za vreme snimanja albuma. prema tome, cifra se zna. kalkulacija postoji. kalkulacija ne odgovara.obzirom da sam blizak ljudima koji se time bave a cesto i sam ucestvujem u tom poslu, cenim da ovo sto ja pricam ima nekog smisla.

ukratko, od strane menadzmenta meni bliskog, od slipknota za sada nista.


Onda ok, mislio sam da samo pretpostavljas da je neisplatljivo. Onda jebiga, jurimo neku varijantu za izozemstvo.


Zalost je i beda da te mogu iskulirati za vizu jer ti je jedina garancija za odlazak na svirku kupljena karta i bukiran hotel. BTW, ne znam kako ide bukiranje odavde, ali za pocetak treba virtuon kartica, nego ne znam dal primaju kartice iz Srbije...

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Imam virtuon od Raiffeisen banke, nego pitam se pitam da li austrijanci pimaju uplate iz Srbije. Na mnogim sajtovima ne mozes da kupis nista iz Srbije (problem u shipping-u), a neki zbog toga uopste ne stavljaju Srbiju na listu ponudjenih zemalja... :no:

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clown dao intervju pre par dana. malo srao o mayhem touru, malo o novom albumu.

previse seru o emocijama, sve sam skepticniji.


"It's a bunch of bands opening for Slipknot," Crahan told Metal File last week, during a brief break from the studio, where the band is working on its fourth, still-untitled LP, which should arrive in stores by summer's end. "We're headlining, as it should be. Sorry �¿½ it's a Slipknot show, kids. We've been gone for two years, and you've all had the chance to do what you're going to do. But now we're back; step in line. That's what's up. We're the DNA that keeps whatever cell this is moving. Period.


"With me, I've been out with a lot of bands, and I don't care," he continued. "We're back, and it just happens to be this thing called the Rockstar Energy Mayhem festival. That's cool. But we didn't want them, they wanted us. Everyone wants our f---ing money and our kids. We're playing a show, and a bunch of great bands are playing too. But we're back, so get out of our way. Call it what you will, but we're headlining. It's our show, and we're here to kill you."


And he's not kidding. Crahan said he's keyed up for Slipknot's return to the stage, following two years of hibernation, and promises that this summer, the boys will preview some of the new material they've been working on since early February.


"We're going to cast some magical spells, and you're going to get more than you can choke on," he said. "Slipknot is a philosophy, a way of life. We're a great band, and if you don't know that, I don't know what you know. We've been doing it longer than most bands can, and no one has done it harder than us."


According to Crahan, Slipknot brought an abundance of songs into the studio and is nearing the completion of the effort, under the direction of producer Dave Fortman (Mudvayne, Superjoint Ritual). And while he wouldn't go into detail about the LP (frontman Corey Taylor said in a recent interview with Billboard that the album would "rip your face off"), he scoffed at the suggestion that it's the band's heaviest offering to date.


"I'm not that guy who's going to tell you it's harder," he said. "Harder, to me, doesn't mean anything. I could give a sh-- about hard. Hard means nothing to the Clown. Slipknot is a phenomenon, it's an enigma, and the enigma weighs on your emotions. And the emotions aren't just heavy, they're cerebral, they're surreal and they're on a whole other level. I just know that this album is different than anything we've done."


When asked to elaborate, Clown refused, saying that the music, once it's released, would speak for itself. "Listen, we are the hardest ever," he said. "We blow all bands away. I don't give a f--- who your band is. I've probably played with your band, and you don't show me sh--. So, it's like, is this band heavy? Oh, yeah, we're the heaviest. We're heavy thinkers, heavy hitters, heavy writers and heavy people, but it's emotionally heavy. There's a lot of emotion on this record, and we're all on the same page with our own emotions, so you're finally seeing the kings of all the courts bringing their kingdom's jewels in for one gigantic war."


But Clown did admit that the record sounds more mature than anything they've done previously, because, well, they're all grown up.


"It's a record made by a bunch of f---ing adults, and that's why it's different. Every record should be different," Crahan said. "Our self-titled came out in '98, and the second record, people were thinking maybe we'd give 'em more commerciality, and give in like everybody else does. But instead, we go completely against that, and we made the anti-sophomore record, and we get all the respect for that.


"The third record, we start moving in directions we always wanted to. Basically, on the second record, it was like, 'We're the drug penetrating the vein, and we're on our way to your brain and your heart,' " he continued. "The third record was, 'Now, I'm in your brain. Check out this other sh--. No other band can handle this. No one can fathom what we do. This fourth record was done by a bunch of crazy guys in their 30s. That doesn't mean we're slowing down or not as intense �¿½ our brains are different, so we're bringing different emotions, different feelings and different anxieties to the table now. This record is another diagnosis of our insanity.


"No one has done what we have done," he added. "This is a war, man. The sh-- that we do, nine guys trying to f---ing write together, and keep this insanity going? Does anybody take the time to realize that? For me, this is like going to Vietnam, serving your tour and then the government asking you to do another tour because you're a badass. We've got 10 purple hearts, and we're f---ing killers. This isn't your rock and roll; this is our rock and roll."


For Crahan, making the record hasn't been a picnic. The music has taken an emotional toll on him ("This sh--'s real, it hurts, and I've cut myself open and given everything to this record," he said), but he's cool with that �¿½ so long as Slipknot's allegiant fans, the Maggots, aren't disappointed with it.


"The reason the fans love us is because they sense and feel something they've never gotten from anybody else �¿½ it's loyalty, it's respect and more importantly, they've finally found someone who feels like they feel," he said. "We're not your normal band. We represent something to kids they never gotten from school, or their parents, or other bands. We supply a feeling only Slipknot can supply. We have our own culture, because, we've done this 10 years for you, and 12 years for ourselves.


"We have nine guys, and all nine are different," Crahan went on. "But we're still doing this, so I'm amazed. That's how f---ing badass we are. Some stupid band with three members or four members wants to bellyache to me? Come on, man �¿½ this is the 'Knot. This is nine guys, an assault on the senses, a physical war through music, and it's going to be force-fed down your throat, and it will turn your insides out. It's been designed to destroy you."

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Koliko sere ovaj Crahan, očigledno pokupio Draiman sindrom. We're the heaviest, the hardest, the best... Vi ste bre kurac, shvatite to već jednom. I smešno mi je kako uvek pričaju "kids" za svoju publiku, očigledno su svesni da ih u Americi niko punoletan ne sluša.

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According to The Pulse of Radio, SLIPKNOT reveals a few new songtitles in the new issue of Revolver magazine, which focuses on bands appearing on this summer's Rockstar Energy Mayhem tour. Among the tracks tentatively named are "Moth", "Chapter One", "The Eleventh March", "Dirge", "Dead Memories", "Vendetta" and "Psycho Social". Although the title of the album itself is not revealed, all hope is not gone: the band plans to unveil the name of the August 26 release any day now.


One person who might like to know more about the disc is SLIPKNOT percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan, who admitted to The Pulse of Radio that he's not up on the latest details. "I have not really spent a moment with this record," he said. "I'm working on myself, and I have been for the last three years, after my father passed and my mom has Alzheimer's, and kids are growing up, and everything's just crazy. So I spent a lot of time on me. So I haven't really even sat down and listened to this whole record to begin with. I don't even know what most of the songs are called."


"Clown" also told The Pulse of Radio that making the new record was both the "worst" and "best" recording experience of his life.


A heavier track from the new SLIPKNOT album will be sent to metal radio shows on June 15, with an official rock radio single coming on June 30.


The Rockstar Energy trek, which SLIPKNOT is co-headlining with DISTURBED, kicks off on July 9 in Seattle.

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