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Death / Grind - noviteti


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ne secam se tog albuma bas, ali je ovo bas raznovrsno. ima klasicnog oscura prangijanja ali ima dosta duzih pesama gde dosta novih elemenata ubacuju.


dugacak album u pizdu materinu, ali ima sta da se cuje.


ima i neki clean vokal koji ima neki oldschool paradise lost/tiamat vajb.


ustvari bas mi dosta lici na wildhoney vokal ponekad.

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Metal Blade Records


NEW - http://metalblade.com/entrails/

Entrails have announced their new album "Obliteration" for worldwide release on May 15th in Europe / May 19th in North America! The album was tracked by guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist at his own "Bloodshed Studios" and mixed and mastered by legendary musician/soundsmith Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Aeon, Hail Of Bullets etc.) at Unisound. Featuring nine mangled tracks of sonic malevolence, Obliteration carries on the torch of true, oldschool Swedish brutality.


Comments Lundqvist: "Finally, we can unleash this beast named Obliteration to the fans out there, this time with a more driven and raw style that shall taste good to everyone's ears if you're into the older simplified death metal that we prefer to play. Recorded in our own Bloodshed Studios and mixed by the mighty Dan Swanö nothing else but slabby Swedeath can be served."



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