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Death / Grind - noviteti


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Ajd' pa prenesi impresije. :smile:

Preslusah sad. Ja inace ne slusam mince, pa ne znam kol'ko sma kompetentan za sve, meni ovo ok zvuci, ali nista previse spektakularno. A i grind slabo slusam u poslednje vreme. No, korektno odradjeno, nije lose, onako oldskul i prljavo, dobri rifovi, ovo je onaj bas matori prljavi grind by the book, nznm, dao bih mu 3,5(eventualno 4) od 5.

Super za slusanje kad mi nestane materijala, ali me ne mami da ga vrtim do besvsesti kao sto je npr. slucaj sa Wormrot-om poslednjim.


Btw, kad smo kod matorog grinda, je li slusao ovde neko Nuclear Death? Meni nista posebno, ali razmisljam da im dam jos jednu sansu.

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ENCOFFINATION To Unleash Second Full-Length (zanimljivi i bitni delovi podebljani, po savetu rogatog kopitara ov metal)


The tombs are closed and the coffins are lowered. The sun bleaches the gravestones and the flowers wither. The sun settles and the darkness rises. The stench of death still lingers and the presence of doom is inimitable. The ritual preparation of the dead is complete. ENCOFFINATION arises from the crypts to worship this ritual of death.


Returning after last year's suffocating debut album Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh, ENCOFFINATION is about to strike back with their new opus to death. O' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres is the definition of lurching, oppressive, sickening "funeral doom of death metal." Picking up where they left off with the previous album, O' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres will define ENCOFFINATION's signature sound; suffocating doom wrapped in the pure stench of death. The album will include up to ten new songs of abysmal, funeral-bound death metal, recorded in Cooper, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia between January and May 2011.


Guitarist/vocalist Ghoat (Father Befouled, Vomitchapel) says of the new album: "Expect pure darkness. Take everything we have done before and turn it up. More death, more gloom, more decay. Guitars will crush, vocals will possess, and the atmosphere of ENCOFFINATION will strangle you. We are adding more texture in the riffs, more things to take you by the throat and steal your breath."


Based on Ghoat's own experiences of working in the funeral industry, O' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres will be a concept... not in the linear sense, but abstract; from the death of the human form to the sacrifice of flesh into the Earth. The album will be released via Poland's Selfmadegod Records later this Summer. More info and an official release date will be announced in the coming weeks.



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Pa dobro, oba benda imaju izrazenu tu tehnicku crtu, s tim sto su Ulcerate nekako vise atmosferican bend, dok su mi ovi Gigan (bar po ovom sto sam cuo) vise vuku na klasicni tehnikal, tj. opravdanije im je mnogo prilepiti tu etiketu, jer je kod njih taj aspekt muzike naglaseniji.


Mada meni je Ulcerate i dalje DM album godine, i jedan od boljih (uslovno receno) tech albuma koje sam cuo za poslednjih par godina, jedino sto ocekujem da ih novi Gorguts pojede kad izadje.:D

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Legendary Philadelphia death metal battalion GOREAPHOBIA has forces with Dark Descent Records for the release of the band's long-anticipated new full-length album, "Apocalyptic Necromancy". Due on August 9, the follow-up to 2009's "Mortal Repulsion" was recorded, mixed and mastered by drummer Jim Roe and features new guitarist VJS (KULT OV AZAZEL, CRIMSON MOON, DEMONCY).


Commented Dark Descent label head Matt Calvert: "When the opportunity presented itself to release the new GOREAPHOBIA album, the choice was easy. Those who are familiar with the underground know that GOREAPHOBIA has a longstanding reputation of producing some of the filthiest death metal around. I'm more than excited to be a part of this new chapter of the band. After speaking to each member personally, it became very apparent that GOREAPHOBIA and Dark Descent Records are a perfect fit and I look forward to helping spread their message to not only long-time fans, but new ones as well."


Added guitarist Alex Bouks: "Myself and the rest of GOREAPHOBIA are very excited and pleased to be working with Matt and the rest of amazing team at Dark Descent. The label is off to great things. This is a very fresh and positive start for us to be releasing our new record with what I believe to be the next great metal label around today."


"Apocalyptic Necromancy" features 12 tracks of sonic decay with artwork by Linsey Wasiuta.


The track listing for the CD is as follows:


01. Apocalyptic Necromancy

02. Xurroth Rreeth N'Vez Helm (City of Rot and Decay)

03. The Attractor

04. Void Of The Larva Queen

05. Shroud of The Hyena (Inall Ninuttix)

06. Footpaths In The Vortex of Doom

07. Darkstar Dementia

08. Igigi Reactor

09. Totem Of The Vulture (Sirrix Noxhuun)

10. Sigil On Death's Hand

11. White Wind Spectre

12. Rust Worms And The Noxious Fevers They Bring



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