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01 - Black Pudding [02:54]

02 - Pentecostal [03:57]

03 - War Memorial [02:13]

04 - Mescalito [06:17]

05 - Sphinx [03:30]

06 - Last Rung [01:56]

07 - Driver [03:29]

08 - Death Ride [03:58]

09 - Thank You [02:49]

10 - Cold Molly [04:30]

11 - Shade Of The Sun [04:00]

12 - Manchester Special [04:50]





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Aidan Baker - Already Drowning (2013)





01 - Already Drowning (feat. Clara Engel)

02 - 30 Days,30 Nights (feat. Jessica Bailiff)

03 - Melusine (feat. Valerie Niederoest & Maude Oswald)

04 - Mein Zwilling, Mein Verlorener (feat. Joanna Kupnicka)

05 - Tout Juste Sous la Surface, Je Guette (feat. Genevieve Castree)

06 - Ice (feat. Liz Hisen)

07 - Lorelei,Common Tongue (feat. Carla Bozulich)



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1.Agua Verde (ft. Kathleen Delano, Kurt Travis, & Gavin Mulkey) 05:47

2.Fight Club (ft. Kathleen Delano & Shane Smit) 05:27

3.Negro Spiritual (ft. Shane Smit) 04:14

4.South American Moon 01:54

5.Bird Technology pt.I 02:32

6.Bird Technology pt.II (ft. Kathleen Delano) 02:50

7.French Ghetto (ft. Kathleen Delano) 05:06

8.Transparent Sea (ft. Nic Newsham) 01:53

9.Visual Therapy (ft. Kurt Travis) 02:48

10.Do Peace (ft. Kathleen Delano) 08:16





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Despite the overdone lupine band name (that was old a few years ago already), the sophomore release of British rockers Wolf People is a stunner of a record. Recorded in a beautiful and isolated house in the Yorkshire Dales, Fain is the sound of a band at the peak of their creative powers. It’s an honest and natural album that allows its stories, its melodies, its themes and structures to breathe.

The album draws on more traditional English and Scottish folk melodies than anything they’ve done before, but not straying from the drop-out fuzz- rock route they’ve made their own, the influences are vast – British rock bands like Groundhogs, Dark, Mighty Baby and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac are evident in the swirling and distorted guitars throughout Fain, along with the 60s revival folk of Fairport Convention, Nic Jones, and Trees. Additionally they have looked towards Scandinavian’s rich psychedelic tradition both new and old – you can hear the likes of Mecki Mark Men, Mikael Ramel and contemporaries Dungen. You can even hear the band’s teenage forays into Hip-Hop in the drums of ‘Thief’ and ‘Athol’.





01. Empty Vessels

02. All Returns

03. When the Fire Is Dead In The Grate

04. Athol

05. Hesperus

06. Answer

07. Thief

08. NRR



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Minimalizam ovo ono






Genre: Experimental | Instrumental Rock | Avant-garde

Info: CBR MP3 320 kbps

Length: 31.21 min

Size: 70Mb

Country: USA



01. Track01 04.59

02. Track02 03.43

03. Track03 08.48

04. Track04 01.44

05. Track05 06.10

06. Track06 04.29

07. Track07 01.28

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Bardo Pond - Rise Above It All (2013)






1. Maggot Brain (Funkadelic cover)

2. The Creator Has a Master Plan (Pharoah Sanders cover)








01. Flood


Recorded live at "leave them all behind 2012" show in Tokyo, Japan on November 3rd 2012, directly from the soundboard without further editing or post-production.





Lilacs & Champagne - Danish & Blue [2013] 320 kbps





1 Metaphysical Transitions 2:17

2 Sour/Sweet 2:05

3 Le Grand 5:56

4 Better Beware 2:35

5 Alone Again And... 4:11

6 Police Story 2:08

7 Hamburgers & Tangerines 5:48

8 Honest Man 3:02

9 Refractory Period 4:29

10 Danish & Blue 5:21

11 Metaphysical Transitions II 2:28



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