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Linkovi za download albuma


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dakle jedan od naj albuma godine sigurno. ili je ep, jebem li ga.


zanr? pa recimo shoegaze/ambient.

reference? pa ono, standardni shoegaze uticaji, na momente se cuje sigur, na momente slowdive itd. mozda malo vise ambient orijentisano....

ali dovoljno originalno. i vise nego dovoljno.


nemojte propustiti ovo.






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ova dva albuma razbijaju, svaki na svoj nacin.

bongripper je masni, psihodelicni sludge/doom, a pax cecilia je, jebem li ga, zajebano za strpati u neku fioku, screamo/post rock/ambient/metal... nisam se ja ovo isr'o, nego su tako tagovani na last.fm-u i na svom majspejsu... strasno dobar album u svakom slucaju...


Pax Cecilia mediafire

Pax Cecilia sendspace










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e pazi, sad sam pogledao kod sebe u folderu, i meni je incomplete, tako da je to to, do linka je...


INCOMPLETE~bongripper - 10 - hippie killer pt. 10__by ilbrujo

jel ti ima 5,31MB? ako da, ne vredi da kacim...


size: 5,31MB

duration: 03:52



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Hippie Killer is so good, you'll want to develop a massive marijuana habit right away and spend your days lurking through the ten part expedition of doom laden valleys and psychedelic post rock peaks, bong in hand. After the first intro piece, Bongripper literally rips your head off and dumps all sort of riff heavy hallucinogens right down your neck. I am not kidding. Demon hands actually rip out of your speakers, threatening your very well being and replace your life with the chunkiest riffs known to man. And just when you think, "Damn! I needs me some oxygen!! Bongripper is stealing all the atmosphere!", just then, they lay on the breeziest post-rock bliss, sending you soaring through stratospheres of lost planets, skating on rings of Saturn, fluffy white clouds belying the utter sonic death you just experienced. These parts are equally as powerful as the face-melting doom they just ended your measly life with. Imagine if Godspeed You! Black Emperor just took a left turn into Absolutego territory. Not only would all those violin players be scared shitless, you'd have Bongripper standing right in front of you, blowing smoke right in your face, laughing Legions laugh.

The guys from Bongripper seem really cool. They have personally stated that they do this only for the love of music. One of the members even leaked the albums in an effort to pollute our minds with weed smoked doom. They are from Chicago and they are selling Hippie Killer on CD for 7 bucks... a steal. Go to their myspace and check em out. They all play in various other bands, all in the metal / post-rock variety and they have two more releases coming out this year - Heroine and Satan Worshiping Doom.


Seharusnya saya menunggu tiga rilisan baru dari mereka tahun ini sebelum saya review, tapi saya sudah tidak sabar lagi untuk memperkenalkan band ini. Bongripper mengusung musik Experimental Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal/Post Metal/Post Rock, ada alasannya kenapa saya menyebutkan banyak sekali jenisnya, karena memang semuanya itu dijadikan satu oleh mereka. Album pertamanya, The Great Barrier Reefer hanya satu track dan berdurasi 1 jam 19 menit, begitu juga dengan Hippie Killer yang baru saja dirilis dengan durasi 1 jam 18 menit tetapi dipisah menjadi 10 track yg sebenarnya awalnya satu track saja. Maaf kalau agak tekhnis tetapi disini intinya, dalam track yang panjang ini banyak sekali unsur2 yg saya sebutkan diatas, kadang 5 menit Doom, trus 5 menit lagi Sludge, dll. Penggabungan ini ditambah juga dengan basic template dari Post Rock (bukan dari segi sound) yang menjadikan musik mereka epic, explosive,kadang juga diselipkan dengan ambient2 diantara beberapa lagunya. Anggap saja gabungan dari GY!BE dan Belegost dicampur dengan riff2 Doom dan Sludge, apa yang kita dapat merupakan suatu "Monster" yang menatap tajam dengan taring2 tajam dan cakar besi. Tapi tidak menghancurkan, yet...this is heavy...really heavy. Sorry kalau review saya agak kurang jelas, saya benar2 terkesima dengan band ini, susah untuk saya menemukan kata2 yang pas. if you are a fan of doom, sludge, stoner rock... Listen to this Beast NOW!!!


sa bongripper-ovog myspace-a




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