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dartshmoog, ne gledaj sad.


Joker / City Hopper & Output 1-2 / TEC036 / Vinyl / 2009 / 320






i ovo ide ovde valjda, super izdanje.


Various Artists - 2010 From Warp Records [V0] (2009)





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dusk and blackdown christmas mix





Endgames "Ecstacy (Jam City remix)" [unreleased]

Slide Bros "2-step Lover" [Confetti Records]

Roska "I Need Love" [unreleased]

Hanuman "Bola (Atki2 remix)" [idle Hands]

Mutaburaka "Dis Poem" [Guidance]

Mood II Swing "All Night Long" [Groove On]

Nubian Mindz "Be Alright" [Neroli Records]

Nu Birth "Anytime" [XL]

Gant "Sound Bwoy Burial (187 Lockdown Dancehall Mix)" [Positiva]

Wbeeza "Heavy Stuff" [Third ear]

Dusk + Blackdown "Dasaflex" [unrleased]

DNG 2 "DNG 2" [white Label]

Joy Orbison "GR Etiquette" [unreleased]

Fuzzy Logic "In The Morning" [white label]

Jammin' "Kinda Funky (Wookie Mix)" [bingo]

Allstars (Steve Gurley) "What About Us (Crazy Dub)" [Allstars]

Maxine "Crazy" (Sky Joose Remix)" [0181 Records]

El-B ft Mirikal "We Don't Play" [unreleased]

Geiom "Reminissin'" [berkane Sol]

Zed Bias "Keep it Moving" [Ghost]

El-B "untitled" [Ghost]

Joy Orbison "Waxes & Wanes"[unreleased]

Hard House Banton "Reign" [spoilt Rotten]

Geeneus feat. Ms Dynamite: "Get Low (Crackish)" [unreleased]

Lil Silva ft Maxwell D "Blackberry Hype" [unreleased]

Steve Gurley "Power" [Power Records]

Mosca "Gold Bricks, I see Ya" [unreleased]

Suburban Lick "Here Comes the Lick (original dub)" [Locked On]

Modeselektor "Art & Cash (Sbtrkt Broke mix)" [unreleased]

Basic Channel "Phylyps Trak II" [basic Channel]

F. Off Productions "unknown" [F. Off Records]

Joy Orbison "Untitled" [unreleased]

Kowton "Countryman" [Keysound Recordings]

Chiapet "WestWorld" (YoshiToshi)

Burial "True Love VIP" [unreleased]

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flying lotus - bbc 1 essential mix 11/29/08:



1. Alice Coltrane - Galaxy In Turiya

2. Charlie Hayden and Egberto Gisomonti and Gonjasufi - Testament

3. Flying Lotus - Massage Situation (Stripped)

4. Dimlite - Sun Sized Twinkles

5. Flying Lotus feat Dolly - Robertaflack

6. Flying Lotus - Robertaflack (Mike Slott Reflunk)

7. Ahu - I Know All The Bitches (Bullion mix)

8. Heralds Of Change - Amuse

9. Carlos Y Gaby - Happy Summer Solstice

10. Pudge - Yung Infamous

11. Dorothy Ashby - Myself When Young

12. Nosaj Thing - Bach

13. LL - Turf Day

14. Flying Lotus - Infinitum (Dimlite mix)

15. Clark - Springtime Epigram

16. Burial - Shutta

17. Blank Blue - Blank Blue (Flying Lotus mix)

18. Daedelus - Im String Struck

19. MHE - ?

20. Daedelus and Madvillain - Experience/Accordion (Flying Lotus live mix)

21. Hudson Mohawke - Zoo0000oom

22. Rustie - Black Block (remix)

23. Teebs and Jackhigh - Idea 1 (Clutch)

24. Matthewdavid - Tallahassee Tapes

25. Martyn and Flying Lotus - Vancouver/Pet Monster Shotglass

26. Fulgeance - Chico (Dorian Concept mix)

27. Joker - Solid State

28. Rusko - Moanerz

29. Daddy Kev - Invite8

30. Ras G - Star Messenger

31. Madlib - Unreleased Gem

32. SAMIYAM - Cheesecake Backslap

33. Knowledge - Dawn

34. Flyamsam - Princess Toadstool

35. Sa-Ra - Hollywood

36. Muhsinah and Flying Lotus - With Me/Melt

37. Flying Lotus - Dissecto

38. Flying Lotus - Breathe

39. Mike Slott - Home

40. Flying Lotus - Sangria Spin Cycles (ambient mix)

41. Danny Breaks - Cosmic Dust

42. Flying Lotus - Beginners Falafel (Free The Robots mix)

43. SAMIYAM - Falafel Cannon

44. Flying Lotus - Beginners Falafel

45. Slum Village - Players (instrumental mix)

46. Flying Lotus - Cackle

47. Slum Village - Raise It Up

48. Osborne - Definition Of A Breakdown

49. Baron Zen - Burn Rubber (Dam-Funk mix)

50. Mono/Poly - Needsdeodorantbitch

51. Chocolate Star and Nelly Furtado - Stay With Me/Promiscuous

52. Gonjasufi - Suzie Q

53. Kiing Midas - Lost (Flying Lotus live mix)

54. Rusko and Flying Lotus - Terminal3 / Tea Leaf (Dancers live mix)

55. Daedelus - Hours Minutes Seconds (beat invitational version)

56. Kode9 and Flying Lotus - Kryon

57. Zomby - Spliff Dub (Rustie mix)

58. Busta Rhymes - What Up

59. SAMIYAM - Crystal Lake

60. Weather Report - River People

61. SAMIYAM - Flintstone Car

62. Flying Lotus - Backpack Caviar

63. Radiohead - Reckoner (Flying Lotus mix)

64. Bjork - All Is Full Of Love

65. Broadcast - Winter Now

66. Portishead - Elysium

67. Linda Perhacks - Hey Now Who Really Cares

68. Flying Lotus - Infinitum (Exile mix)

69. Flying Lotus - Live Set Practice Run

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jes malo dosadan taj flying lotus essential (al je zato hudson mohawke odlican)


evo nesto bolje




Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone

as we’re approaching this new year, I felt it was time to let go of some things that have been gathering dust. Some old things, and some new things, I tried to pick out tracks that I know yall haven’t heard yet so there should be surprises around every turn.


can’t believe i’ve been making tracks for over 10 years now..That said, there’s so much to learn still.


I hope you all enjoy this mix. Thanks to the Gaslamp Killer for doing an incredible job on this.


Can’t wait for you all to hear my album ‘Cosmogramma’ coming out April 20th 2010 on Warp Records.






inace, gaslamp killer je najveci kralj na svetu. ovaj poslednji njegov mix je suvo zlato.




00:00 Joker - Solid State

01:33 SYNKRO - Hold Tight

02:00 50 Cent- Ayo Technology- Instrumental

02:46 THE PIRANHA'S SOUNDS - La Turbie Piranhienne





06:26 NINE INCH NAILS - Closer


08:11 DIMLITE - Ravemond's Young Problems


10:49 MAIN SOURCE ft. NAS - Live At The BBQ

12:00 DR OCTAGON - No Awareness



16:50 BROADCAST - Chord Simple

20:08 ERSEN - Gunese Don Cicegim

22:18 RADIOHEAD - Myxomatosis

25:10 POPPY FAMILY - Shadows On My Wall

27:00 THE LAUGHING WINDOWS - Salak Pazar

28:36 J DILLA - Mythsysizer

29:47 EPROM - Ghost Hunter


33:14 THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA - Work It! (Man With The Movie Camera)


36:41 KODE9 - 9 Samurai (Quarta330 Remix)

37:46 THE OTHERS - King Pin

38:28 MARCHMELLOW - Reel Simple

39:17 Zomby - Gloop

39:44 JAKES - In The Place To Be

40:38 OUTKAST - Spread



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