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METALLICA's official web site has been updated with the following message:


"If you picked up 'Six Feet Down Under' [METALLICA's limited-edition eight-song live EP, which came out on September 20 in conjunction with the band's tour of Australia and New Zealand], you may have noticed the words 'EP One' on the package and were quick to ask, 'What the hell does that mean?' Well, drum roll please . . . you guessed it, there is indeed an 'EP Two' in the works . . . very clever clue, don't ya think? Look for 'Six Feet Down Under Part II' in Australian and New Zealand stores, along with Metallica.com and Metclub.com, on November 12.


"In our quest to have something unique and special to celebrate our long overdue visit to this part of the world, as well as the final stretch of 'World Magnetic' tour dates, we wanted to release some live recordings from previous tours on EP # 1 and a companion EP from the current 2010 tour. The first time around we called on you to send us your bootleg recordings from those earlier tour dates going back as far as 1989 and we pulled a track list together from the submissions. Once again we went to you, the 'TALLICA faithful, for help and polled Fan Club members from Australia and New Zealand to come up with their top eight picks from all the 41 songs played during the early part of the Trans-Tasman run this year."


"Six Feet Down Under Part II" track listing:


01. Blackened (October 16, 2010 in Brisbane, Australia)

02. Ride The Lightning (October 14, 2010 in Auckland, New Zealand)

03. The Four Horsemen (September 18, 2010 in Sydney, Australia)

04. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (September 15, 2010 in Melbourne, Australia)

05. Master Of Puppets (October 16, 2010 in Brisbane, Australia)

06. ...And Justice For All (October 18, 2010 in Brisbane, Australia)

07. Fade To Black (September 18, 2010 in Sydney, Australia)

08. Damage, Inc. (September 22, 2010 in Christchurch, New Zealand)

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Citat iz Kurira





(0) Send to friend Print Sreda, 10. Novembar, 2010.| Autor:


LOS ANĐELES - Američka hevi metal grupa "Metalika" (Metallica), koja će ovog meseca okončati svetsku turneju, iduće godine će se posvetiti snimanju novog albuma, preneo je muzički magazin Spin.


Bubnjar tog sastava Lars Ulrik (Ulrić) rekao je da je u planu pripremanje novih pesama.

- Nismo ništa pisali još od 2006. ili 2007. i želimo da ponovo budemo kreativni. Sada ćemo se prvo odmoriti a onda verovatno u martu ili aprilu početi da pišemo nove pesme - rekao je Ulrik.


Koncertom koji će 21. novembra održati u Melburnu, "Metalika" će okončati turneju na koju je krenula 2008. po objavljivanju albuma "Death Magnetic".






Nadamo se da će nam iz ULRIĆEVE kuhinje stići nešto dobro :)

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Ovo je zaista divna vest, s obzirom na to koliko me je pozitivno iznenadio Death Magnetic. Priželjkujem novi album do kraja sledeće godine. :rockdevil:


mnogo to kratko vreme,s obzirom da josh nisu ni krenuli da pishu,a imaju i dosta koncerta u 2011...


odgledah juche zvanichni dvd,i svi nastupi su jebanje keve :rockdevil:

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