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skini ovo
tu je .alac format, mogu da nabacim i .mp3 ako treba

baš pustih Suicide & Redemption sad, bukvalno prvi put u životu čujem bas na početku kako treba 😄

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Ili je trol ili je nevin. Nema trece. Pre bih rekao da je nevin.     Dok si ti recimo klasicni profil coveka koji ne slusa metaliku 2016. i misli da su smece.   Nosis kacket, 90% fejsbuk statusa


Металика је бенд са најгорим фановима на свету. Гледам овај нови спот, слушам нову песму и буквално ми их је жао. Звуче исто као на прва три албума, набацани генерички рифови, Кирк врти solo 101, али

23 hours ago, kuruz said:

danas sam saznao da postoji nekakav Moderus III rip Death Magnetica

Imaš ovde https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3881996  

vinil rip ovog izdanja  https://www.discogs.com/Metallica-Death-Magnetic/release/1471371

24/192 a možeš da ga pretvoriš i u 16/44.1

Official DR value: DR9


Osim toga imaš i Mastered for iTunes verziju iz 2015 https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5675716

Official DR value: DR7

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On 2/27/2020 at 8:06 PM, kuruz said:

danas sam saznao da postoji nekakav Moderus III rip Death Magnetica
Guitar Hero verzija albuma je izgleda zvučala mnogo bolje od onoga što je išlo na CD, pa je neki lik izvukao sve pesme odatle i odradio ovaj rip


stvarno zvuči mnogo bolje nego originalni zvuk, nema loudness wara itd

This is the result of a fan ripping the stems from the Playstation3 Guitar Hero DLC and doing some tweaking to make it actually sound good. So it's not from any "master tracks" but rather a Guitar Hero rip-and-tweak.

One of the challenges of doing this is the fact the stems in Guitar Hero are quieted in parts so when star power sound effects and things play it doesn't clip. So some of that had to be corrected.


I would also recommend searching for "Broken Beat and Scarred mystery producer" to find an amazing version of Broken Beat and Scarred. It was rumored to have been done by Andy Sneap. That version ROCKS! Wow! If you find a "legit" download, you should find the file titled "The thing that SHOULD have been.m4a". Whoever did it used the Xbox stems which are inferior to PS3, but in the world of professional mastering, neither source is ideal. The Xbox stems were more readily available because they could directly be extracted whereas the PS3 stems had to basically be recorded out. I think this is actually it on Youtube:


Nije loše onako na prvu, bubanj djeluje mnogo zdraviji.

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11 hours ago, kuruz said:

@ perzekjušn

kakvi su u poređenju sa ovim koji sam okačio?

Ja slušam taj prvi tj. rip sa ploče (i meni je odličan) a dobra je i MFiT verzija (vidim po netu da je fenovi hvale). Davno sam slušao taj Moderus III rip pa ga se i ne sećam iskreno.

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Pokrecu klub vinila https://metallica.com/vinyl-club.html

U sustini to znaci da ce cetiri puta godisnje prodavati singlice od 7 inca ljudima koji se pretplate.

Moze li neko da mi iz gornjeg linka razbere da li je 50 dolara cena sa postarinom, sto mi deluje logicno ili Lars ocekuje da mu postarinu platimo dodatno.

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