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Putrid Blood

Dead Man Walking

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U bendu smo se dogovorili da ce ovo biti novi logo....vecina ljudi i ovde i na facebooku je rekla kako im se ovaj logo vishe svidja.

Hvala svima na sugestijama!


I da se zahvalim ljudima koji su radili logo - Nikoli Despotovicu i Milosu Krsticu!



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"The Serbian rock scene has been very active since the 1960's, when the country was a constituent republic of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. They also had some classic rockabilly acts in Serbia during the 1950's. Although we haven't heard much about Serbian rock music in the Western world, they have kept up with the current trends throughout the decades. They've got something to offer from just about any rock or metal genre over there.


Putrid Blood is an up and coming Thrash Metal band from Sid, Serbia. They are a quintet with 2 vocalists, a guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer. That line up might look a little bit skimpy on the monitor. But the three musicians build up a huge wall of sound, which sounds on par with a double guitar line up.


Right from the onset, the guitar dominates with bad ass leads, that are supported with ball sack busting bass lines. The attitude is grim, sort of likeS layer, but the music is much more dynamic than that. Every now and then there are intervals of razor sharp guitar solos. The music thrashes and shreds furiously, sometimes with more of a NYC mosh style like S.O.D.. The incredible speed and precision is almost on a technical level. The drum playing is excellent and wow us with the blast beats, that punctuate the music with an exclamation mark.


The vocals are grim, throaty, and sound more typical of brutal Death Metal. That's no big deal, considering that Thrash bands like Venom, and Sepultura don't utilize clean vocals either. But I do have a hard time discerning between the 2 vocalists. The combination of guitarist Ranisavljevic and bassist Hardi are deadlier than an oleander swizzle stick. The Serbian Metal scene might be overlooked as a whole, but Putrid Blood play world class Thrash Metal, that rivals the best that Europe has to offer. "




Najjači komentar - "Combination of guitarist Ranisavljevicand bassist are deadlier than an oleander swizzle stick." :lol:

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Drugi Enter Music fest, petak, 01.07.2011., Trg Ćire Milekića, Sremska Mitrovica - ulaz besplatan


19:30 - Dj Zoloft

20:30 - Tea&Allex

21:00 - Young Stars

21:30 - Dobre komšije


22:30 - Defendor 22, NTT, 3men

23:00 - Amors Arows

23:30 - Sherlock

00:00 - Putrid Blood

00:30 - THEA

01:00 - Ljubitelji dosade

01:30 - Higher Ground


FB event

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