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@ dimmu1: Hvala ti brate moj na podrsci. Evo nas u HellSound Studio trenutno, mislim i ja da ce biti dobar novi album, no, saznajemo relativno uskoro sve. ;)


EDIT: Nesto zajebava YuMetal, nece da okaci klip pa sam ostavio link koga zanima.

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BANE has finished the recording of their 2nd full-length album in Hellsound Studio (CZ), and will be mixed & mastered during December 2011 by producer Honza Kapak (a.k.a. Butcher).


Many things are done differently than the previous effort "Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness", some of them being:


-The band has pushed the speed limits up to 240 bpm, making this album by far more aggressive & brutal than anything that was recorded before.

-For the first time, the band has used orchestral arrangements in some songs, adding a bit of Symphonic/Atmospheric touch in their sound.

-Also, in 2 songs the band has added clean/choir vocals as well, giving a whole new dimension when comparing to the earlier works.


The style still remains uncompromising Black/Death Metal, but definitely a huge step forward for the band. Artwork, album title, track-list & Label, as well as special guest appearances will be unveiled sometime in early 2012.


Keep the black flame burning!


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Postavljen je novi NOTE na Facebook stranici benda, koga interesuje moze da procita (mada nije nista bitno).


Da obavestim da je bend od sada pa do Februara meseca najranije u "on-hold" fazi, i necemo biti koncertno aktivni za sve ovo vreme.


Kako bismo nadoknadili "prazninu" od par meseci, verovatno prvom nedeljom 2012-e ce biti dostupan prvi "preview" celokupnog novog album (u trajanju od nekih 5 minuta), gde ce se cuti skoro svaka pesma (deo pesme, jelte), i ujedno ce biti novi Artwork objavljen, pa da mogu konacno i u zatvor da me stave, hehe...


Toliko od nas za 2011-tu, hajde pa neka nam 2012-ta bude jos gora, kao sto sam i siguran da hoce.




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Digi-CD "Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness" je izasao jos u Martu 2011-e, ali mi je paket bio vracen (jebena carina), a sada imam blizu 200 diskova koji me cekaju u Ceskoj...najkasnije cu ih pokupiti sada u Martu, stime da treba jos neki paket od 20-tak tih diskova da dobijem nadam se u toku Januara.


Sve u svemu - majice, diskovi i slicice benda se mogu naruciti preko nase izdavacke kuce ABYSS RECORDS za relativno fer cene.




Sto se tice novog albuma - nije jos izasao, a preview ce biti dostupan za 7-10 dana.


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BANE - "The Acausal Fire"

(Full-length, 2012)




Band's 2nd full-length album, recorded in November 2011 at HellSound Studio (Czech Republic).


Line-up for this recording is as follows:


Branislav – Vocals, Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic Guitars

Occvltvm Mallevs – Drums

Nokkturno – Bass


The album contains special guest appearances by:


Butcher (Avenger)

Patrik (Anachronaeon/Eyecult)

Lord B. (Rex Satanachia/Temple of Baphomet)

Nocturnal (Shadowdream/Ancient Sorrow)


Front cover artwork done by:








1. Bringing Forth The Endless Dark Aeon

2. The End Of Humanity

3. In Endless Silence

4. As Chaos Rises

5. Light The Black Flame

6. The Truth Unleashed

7. World Of Desolation

8. Existence In Denial

9. Entering The Paradoxical Sphere

10. Night's Blood (Dissection Cover)


Timing: 41:30


Album preview can be heard here:




The album will be released on both CD & MC format sometime during 2012.

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