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Ма, то је сигурно због песме 'Длаке на сапуну'. Она је изразито националистичко-шовинистичке провенијенције. :)

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Written by Zvetan Rachev on Thursday 26 February, 2009. Last updated on Thursday 26 February, 2009


Although being from Bulgaria, I must admit that I don't know much about the extreme Metal scene of our western neighbour Serbia. Shame on me! So here I have to review Nadimac - an oldschool Thrash/Crossover band from Belgrade and their EP "Metal Je Rat" which translated in English means "Metal Is War".

Inside this curious release you will find four tracks (and one intro) which will certainly bring you memories about the sound of the first records of classics like Tankard, D.R.I. or Wehrmacht... In other words: straight in-your-face guitar riffs, frantic drumming and the hysterical vocals of Daca who is obviously influenced (besides the alcohol) by the singing of the King of Beer Himself - Andreas "Gerre" Geremia from the mighty Tankard. The lyrics are all in Serbian and the cover artwork is showing a drunken clown with a smoking gun in his hand. Metal is war indeed!

"Metal Je Rat" is the first EP of Nadimac (after one demo and a split album with the Serbian Death Metal warriors Dagger Spawn) and in case you are into the classical Thrash sound of the 80's, this record will most probably appeal to you. It's not perfect but it has raw energy and real Underground spirit. Consume it with a good load of cold beer and you won't make a mistake! Thrash or be trashed!

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