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A tongue can accuse and carry bad news

The seeds of distrust, it will sow

But unless you've made no mistakes in your life

Be careful of stones that you throw.


A neighbor was passing my garden one time

She stopped and I knew right away

That it was gossip, not flowers, she had on her mind

And this is what I heard my neighbor say:


"That girl down the street should be run from our midst

She drinks and she talks quite a lot

She knows not to speak to my child or to me."

My neighbor then smiled and I thought:


A car speeded by and the screamin' of brakes

A sound that made my blood chill

For my neighbor's one child had been pulled from the path

And saved by a girl lying still.


The child was unhurt and my neighbor cried out:

"Oh! who was that brave girl so sweet?"

I covered the crushed, broken body and said:

"The bad girl who lived down the street."




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kad mu ne ide, ne treba.

Dacu ja vama link....  

Whiskey'd be my dying bed, tell me where to lay my head... Not with me is all she said, early in the morning...

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super izbor pesama, mada su pored tolike Townes-ove diskografije možda mogli da eskiviraju one koje su već obrađivane na prvom delu :D


najviše me zanima da čujem Waitin' Around To Die, Our Mother The Mountain i Svetog Džona

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