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kad mu ne ide, ne treba.

Dacu ja vama link....  

Whiskey'd be my dying bed, tell me where to lay my head... Not with me is all she said, early in the morning...





The Unseen Strangers have ambitiously cultivated a musical identity shaped by good old-fashioned bluegrass, the limitless barrage of contemporary musical influences, and a relentlessly curious sense of humour. The Strangers draw from the beeps and buzzes of the modern world to create an imaginative, energetic brand of acoustic music that is unmistakably their own.

The band has toured Eastern Canada three times, performing showcases at NXNE and OCFF to name a few, and is a favorite at festivals featuring genres spanning Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Rock, and Electronic. In 2007 The Unseen Strangers formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Within two years, the Strangers’ debut release “Shoot First” won the 2009 Music Nova Scotia Award for “Country/Bluegrass Recording of the Year”. In 2010 The Unseen Strangers left the East coast and headed for Toronto, Ontario to record their sophomore release with acclaimed producer Andrew Collins. The move to Toronto reinvigorated the Strangers, the group boasts two new skilled musicians, Matt Elwood on 5 string banjo/vocals and Mike Mezzatesta on mandolin.

The group just released their third studio effort, “Follow the Sound EP” and went on a successful tour of the East coast in fall 2012. The full-length album “Follow the Sound” is completed and scheduled for release in spring 2013. It includes 11 original songs, including “Facebook Waltz”, which won the humorous category for the 2012 “OCFF Songs from the Heart” songwriting competition.

1. Out of the Light [03:08]

2. Rambler’s Plea [04:07]

3. Dustpan Line [05:09]

4. Crosswalk [03:32]

5. Facebook Waltz [02:53]

6. I Don’t Know [04:09]

7. He’s Gone [05:33]

8. Taterbug [02:48]

9. Devil’s Mountain [03:45]

10. Ballad of a Whiskey Bootleg [04:42]

11. Miss You So [03:17]

12. Bluegrass Love Slave [05:23]




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Da. Iskrenost je bitna:


All my life I've been so lonesome

If happiness came, I missed the call

All my dreams have died and vanished

And now, I'm so tired of it all


In life and love, I've been a failure

Too many tears through it all

Too many broken vows and promises

And now, I'm so tired of it all


Everything I loved, I lost dear

Too many times I've watched my castles fall

My life is full of regretting

And now, I'm so tired of it all


From this world I'll soon be going

No one will miss me, after all

Up there, I pray I'll find contentment

But now, I'm so tired of it all

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What else is upcoming for you and Those Poor Bastards in 2013?

Those Poor Bastards are playing some shows in August, then I’ll be releasing that Halloween album in October, and finally an Edgar Switchblade 7” will arrive in December. It should be a pretty frightening year.




yes <3

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