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Dako ti majmun jebe mater govno raspalo, rak ti kosti izio dabogda.   Negative Plane - Stained Glass Revelations Band : Negative Plane Album : Stained Glass Revelations Type : Studio Release Da

Ovako se to radi gojko....  

Ne sudi se po koricama, koliko ni po ideologiji. A, tebi bi i ruski kurac sa svastikom nabijen duboko u tvoje dupe bio dobar.

Four years after the release of the critically acclaimed "Generator" album, Italian/Norwegian electro/post black metallers ABORYM are back with their fifth CD. Set for a November 8 European release (November 23 in the U.S.) via Season Of Mist, the new full-length is entitled "Psychogrotesque" and is composed of a single song written by the band's mastermind Malfeitor Fabban and talented new guitarist Hell:IO:Kabbalus.

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Cebren-Khal - A Mass Of Despair (2010)



1. Mortshaped

2. The Lunar Tragedy Act 1: The Parcae’s Night is Sleepless

3. The Lunar Tragedy Act 2: Mouroir, Mouroir, Suis-je le Plus Mort?

4. The Lunar Tragedy Act 3: Experience of Downfall

5. Where All Faith is Lost




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PROROK - Demon iz Crne Reke (2010)

1.Bozja sluzba Filareta

2.Balkanska sizma

3.Vjera u Pronevjeru

4.Demon iz Crne Reke

5.Metanija oca Pahomija

6.Fruskogorska sekta






Odlično je izdanje, ja sinoć skinuo...

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Ja mislim da mu se vise i ne slusa.


Jos samo da docekam i preslusam novi DSO, pa mogu da napustim ovaj forum i ekstremni metal.
























































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