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Ево вам тазе информације право из Metal Blade-a.


17.07 Budapest (HUN)

18.07 Hódmezovásárhely (HUN)

19.07 Bucuresti (ROM)

21.07 Beograd (SER/MON)

23.07 Ljubliana (SLO)


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Polish death metal veterans VADER have finalized the track listing for their new album, "The Beast", due on September 20 through Metal Blade Records. The first single, including two new songs, will be released on August 25 with the 4/2004 issue of Thrash 'em All magazine.


"The Beast" was recorded at Radio Gdansk Studio with producer Piotr Lukaszewski ("Reign Forever World", "Revelations", "Blood") and is currently being mixed while the band are away on the first part of their European tour. Jacek Wisniewski is drawing the album artwork and other graphics. The mastering session is scheduled for July 1.


"The Beast" track listing:


01. Apopemiac

02. By Any Means Necessary

03. Choices

04. Dark Transmission

05. Firebringer

06. Insomnia

07. Out of the Deep

08. Stranger in the Mirror

09. The Sea Cause in the Last

10. The Zone



Pazi kad "Firebringer" bude rokachina do bola icon_rockdevil.gif


BTW nadam se da ce neku od ovih svirati(premijerno) u Bg icon_wink.gif

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Pazite ovo:


Yesterday the band had a serious car accident! VADER had just finished up the first part of their European tour and had been driving down A1 towards Toruñ (Poland) when the other bus hit them, throwing the bus out on the opposite lane. Cracked car, destroyed trailer, but fortunately the band, staff and equipment managed to escape unharmed.


Dobro je,sta da izgiboshe,ne bi bilo koncerta,to bila bas steta. icon_mrgreen.gificon_smile.gif

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