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Bandcamp: http://futuresequenc...album/sequence8 Sajt: http://www.futureseq....com/sequence8/   FutureSequence #8, 3 i po sata duga, free download ambient/minimalism/drone/modern classical kompilac

Nije to nego slusate ove pozadinske buke i josh uzivate..

Nemam pojma gde ovo da stavim, pa mislim da je najbolje ovde. Idealna muzika kada vam dođu gosti ili devojka, kada nešto čitate, pred spavanje i u sličnim situacijama.     Dan Gibson's Solitudes

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U prvoj emisiji PSYCHONAVIGATIONS, u utorak, 28.aprila, na Popscotch radiju, kroz obilje eteričnih repeticija, dubokih dronova i neoklasičnih tekstura, imaćete priliku da čujete presek savremene ambijentalno - elektro-akustične scene u izboru dua Andagainandagain


U 20h ubacite link u winamp





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Lost Themes II:

01 Distant Dream

02 White Pulse

03 Persia Rising

04 Angel's Asylum

05 Hofner Dawn

06 Windy Death

07 Dark Blues

08 Virtual Survivor

09 Bela Lugosi

10 Last Sunrise

11 Utopian Facade

John Carpenter:

06-02-04 Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound

07-01-03 Ásbrú, Iceland - ATP Iceland

10-28 Manchester, England - Albert Hall

10-29 Manchester, England - Albert Hall

10-31 London, England - Troxy

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ima i video na youtube


Video sam. Ovaj komentar na rym mi se svideo


Definitely the only thing dealing with 9/11 that really does the victims any sort of justice, becase:


-It's not completely ridden with bullshit patriotism

-No religious rage involved

-No generic pop singer singing "Amazing Grace" or something like that

-No dramatic shots of people holding old photographs of their loved ones that perished

-Not even a "dedicated to the heroes etc." badge at the end of it


This is a single shot of a huge smoke pillar emerging from the smoking rubble for an hour, as the day slowly turns into evening.

William famously finished the project the day before, and this is what he and his friends witnessed on the balcony whilst listening to the

loop that is featured in this video. Plus, he had a job interview schedueled at the twin towers a few hours after the attacks.

It's a very beautiful thing, this.

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