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Temple Of The Smoke

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par meseci nismo imali studio i sljakali smo ideje sa gajbe (na kompu), a sada smo u novom pregotivnom studiju i furamo astralnu renesansu. nismo planirali svirke uskoro, iako dugo nismo svirali, ali smo 4x nedeljno u studiju i radimo na novim pesmama, novom albumu. bice neko novo Temple ludilo, na novom nivou, (ne)ocekivano... jbg, nece biti prog metala i klasicnog daba na ovom albumu, vise neki IDM (AFX, Autechre, Boards of Canada, FSOL, Orb...) i psidža, buka, epika i neo-krauterica. sa novim basistom koji svira i sinteve (jedan analogni polifoni i jedan digitalni), trenutno furamo 7 sinteva istovremeno. mene samo ta cinjenica uzbudjuje

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Fuzztastic Planet Festival 2015 band announcement:


And out of perpetual shamanistic fumes cometh forthTemple of the Smoke!


Four space rock pilgrims from Belgrade, Serbia, able to create a universe of their own via their kaleidoscopic heavy psych, synth infested sounds, provoking futuristic visions, lovecraftian nightmares and occult imagery of the cosmic weird.


With two critically acclaimed full length releases under their radar, 2011’s “...Against Human Race” and 2013’s “The Lost Art of Twilight”, they'll be visiting Greece for the first time, offering a unique opportunity for audiences to see them live in concert.


Enjoy their latest space rock opera: https://templeofthesmoke.bandcamp.com/


Artwork by Jo Riou Graphic Designer.


Tickets pre-sale here: http://bit.ly/1GLBkRy

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