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Killswitch Engage

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Holy Diver su obradili za svaku pohvalu!!


najachi deo je kad popizdi i krene da se dere!!!

I sve solazhe su skinute 100% iste samo mnogo bolji zvuk naravno!!!



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Nova stvar, "This Fire Burns" je ok. Ponavljaju se i ima hit potencijala ali... moze to i bolje.

"Holy diver" su odlicno obradili! Svaka cast Howardu odpevao je za medalju. icon_rockdevil.gif

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to je tvoj trip, meni su oba albuma podjednako dobri, i maju dushu itekako


i znam puno ljudi koji se slazu...

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album: "Killswitch Engage" (2000)


Temple From Within

Vide Infra


Rusted Embrace



Numb Sickened Eyes

In The Unblind

One Last Sunset



album: "Alive Or Just Breathing?" (2002)


Numbered Days

Self Revolution

Fixation On The Darkness

My Last Serenade

Life To Lifeless

Just Barely Breathing

To The Sons Of Man

Temple From The Within

The Element Of One

Vide Infra

Without A Name

Rise Inside



album: "The End Of Heartache" (2004)


A Bid Farewell

Take This Oath

When Darkness Falls

Rose Of Sharyn


Breathe Life

The End Of Heartache


World Ablaze

And Embers Rise

Wasted Sacrifice

Hope Is...




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adam d. je svirao sjitru i dok je bio debeo icon_da.gif

dodushe, ne u killswitchu icon_biggrin.gif

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mislio sam na drugi i treci album - najbolji sa starim, i najbolji sa novim pevachem icon_wink.gif


ja prvi album dozivljam kao EP, posto je kraci i neke pesme sa njega su se nasle na kasnijim albumima, al to je moj problem

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Cuo sam da ce u novembru da im izadje nov album. Valjda ce biti dobar. Ne verujem da ce biti najbolji od Alive or just breathing, ali Boze moj...

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izasao je sampler novog albuma ima na isohuntu da se skine torrent, sad cu da bacim link... meni se ono na prvo slusanje zesce svidja...


Edit: Evo ga i link


a i neke vesti:


KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's new single, "My Curse", is scheduled to go for radio adds around October 30. The New England metal quintet is scheduled to shoot a video for the song later this month, before its headlining tour.


In a recent interview with MTV.com, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz said that the band has been thumbing through dozens of video treatments for "My Curse", and so far all the treatments have been real stinkers.


"They've all got that paragraph that says, 'We will then pan to the band who'll be rocking out so hard it will be destroying the camera,' " Dutkiewicz said. "There's one that involves ninjas and martial arts. There's a circus-themed one, where this ugly crazy dude who's part of a traveling freak show takes his normal girlfriend to the rest of the freaks, and they disapprove of her. It's really bizarre stuff that doesn't make any sense at all."


Even the one Dutkiewicz refers to as "Piñata Man" doesn't seem to fit with "My Curse", but of all the video pitches they've perused, "it's the only one that's awesome. It involves this dude who's just a piñata and people are trying to steal his candy. I'm feeling 'Piñata Man' the most, for sure."




A new KILLSWITCH ENGAGE song, entited "Daylight Dies", has been posted online at www.roadrunnerrecords.com. The track comes off the New England metal band's new album, "As Daylight Dies", due on November 21 via Roadrunner Records.


While KILLSWITCH's first two LPs (the band's 2000 self-titled debut and 2002's "Alive or Just Breathing") were largely collaborative, with each member chiming in on everything from riffs to vocal approaches, 2004's "The End of Heartache" was composed primarily by multi-instrumentalist Dutkiewicz.


"This one is back to the collaborations again," bassist Mike D'Antonio told MTV.com. "And I think everyone's personality kind of pops out in all of the tracks. The trick with KILLSWITCH has always been that when we write together, it sounds like KILLSWITCH. And with this album, we definitely tried to make it so that everyone has their stamp and say in every song."


"As Daylight Dies" track listing:


01. Daylight Dies

02. This Is Absolution

03. The Arms of Sorrow

04. Unbroken

05. My Curse

06. For You

07. Still Beats Your Name

08. Eye of the Storm

09. Break the Silence

10. Desperate Times

11. Reject Yourself


KILLSWITCH ENGAGE will team up with SHADOWS FALL and BURY YOUR DEAD for a number of dates beginning in early November.


jes da sam ih dao obrnutim redom, ali jbg...

Edited by niking

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Ma imate album na Soulseek-u vec nekoliko dana...


Adam je podero sa back vokalima...a album je prosijek (bar meni)

Edited by Jasta

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