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Dark Tranquillity


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Founding D.T. guitarist Martin Henriksson quits.

While putting the finishing touches on the material for our next album, we have to inform you that guitarist and original member Martin Henriksson sadly but amicably left the band a couple of months ago. Here is his statement:

Dear Dark Tranquillity fans,

I recently quit the band. I feel I have lost the passion for playing music, and Dark Tranquillity deserves to have members that are 100% committed to the art. Therefore I decided it’s in everyone’s best interest to step aside and leave the band with the best possible ability to grow and get even stronger. I’ve had 26 years filled with wonderful memories and we made a lot of great music together, and for that I’m forever grateful. Thanks to all the fans, crew and other people involved that supported Dark Tranquillity through the years!


Martin Henriksson

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DARK TRANQUILLITY announce Atoma tracklist and album formats.


On November 4th, 2016, DARK TRANQUILLITY will release their 11th album “Atoma” worldwide through Century Media Records and start their North American headline tour. Fans needing a first taste of the album can hear the new track, “The Pitiless” this coming Friday. To keep the excitement going, DARK TRANQUILLITY will premiere a video for said song on Monday September 26th, over at theCentury Media Records YouTube channel.


Here is the complete tracklisting of “Atoma”:


1. Encircled

2. Atoma

3. Forward Momentum

4. Neutrality

5. Force of Hand

6. Faithless by Default

7. The Pitiless

8. Our Proof of Life

9. Clearing Skies

10. When the World Screams

11. Merciless Fate

12. Caves and Embers

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