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Doom preporuke i noviteti


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Kyuss su doom metal?


Stavili su While Heaven Wept - Vast Oceans Lachrymose (2009) koji je prog shit a nisu stavili legendarni Sorrow Of The Angels...


Fali Officium Triste - Reason, Saturnus - Paradise Belongs To You, Funeral - Tragedies.


66. Workship - Last Tape Before Doomsday (1999) WTF?!?

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Ne znam da li je ovo vec bilo, nije bas novitet (januar 2014). U pitanju je traditional doom sa elementima psihodelicnog roka (podseca na The Wounded Kings) : Landskap iz UK bend sa veoma jakom postavom:


Frederic Caure - Bass, Guitars (rhythm); See also: Serpentcult, ex-Death Anos, ex-Secundo Flumine, ex-Bellator, ex-Bunkur, ex-Pantheist, ex-Rhymes of Destruction, ex-Thee Plague of Gentlemen, ex-Dune, ex-Firma

Paul Westwood - Drums; See also: Fen, Indesinence, ex-Skaldic Curse, ex-De Profundis, ex-Rogue Male, ex-To-Mera, ex-Foe

George Pan - Guitars (lead); See also: Father Sun, ex-Dead Man's Band

Kostas Panagiotou - Keyboards, Organ; See also: Clouds, Pantheist, ex-Wijlen Wij, Ereipia, ex-Aphonic Threnody, ex-Bellator, ex-Crippled Black Phoenix

Jake Harding - Vocals; See also: Dead Existence, ex-Centurions Ghost, ex-Damnas


Kvalitet muzike je u skladu sa postavom.




Izdali su oni i novi album u novembru, ali ovaj prvi je meni daleko bolji.



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naleteh na ovo sad, postava poprilično obećava:




Gaz Jennings - Guitars (Ex-Cathedral)

Michelle Nocon - Vocals (Ex-Serpentcult)

Frederick Cosemans - Drums (Ex-Serpentcult)

Raf Meukens - Bass (Ex-Gorath)


slusam vec nekolio dana,ekstra stvar. vise heavy nego doom,dobar zvuk,solidan vokal i predobri rifovi.

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Dobri su podsecaju na Warning. Takodje preporuka za Latitude Egress solo bend vokaliste/bubnjara, a i mjuza je slicna mada sa slozenijim aranzmanima i raznovrsnijim vokalim stilom:


Evo album na youtube :


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